EASY WAY TO HOLE MORE PUTTS – Putting tips to improve Technique, Distance Control & Confidence

Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this
week we’re talking puting how do you hole more putts around the green how do
you judge distance control how do you get distance control around the green how do
you read greens and more importantly how do you take all of that learning out
onto the golf course so you could do it when it matters under a bit of pressure
we’re going to cover all of those points in this week’s training before I get into
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just like this one so puttting there’s loads of conflicting advice about
putting one of the things I found through my
experience of having lessons going to some of the best in the world I
personally found that a lot of the things I was taught originally made my
stroke very mechanical very wooden things like rock your shoulders firm
wrists don’t let that put a wave around you know all of that kind of made sense
but it was made my stroke very wooden and I find that it’s the same with a lot
of people I see when I’m coaching that just don’t have any feel or consistency
in their strokes so let me show you how you can start to develop a really simple
natural but consistent stroke the first thing we need to do in putting is we
need to make sure that we have a decent posture so what we do is to get
the ball position maybe just ahead of your Center
try and get nice evenly balanced with your feet and then what we’re trying to
we want to keep two things still in putting you need your legs this
section of your body your foundation completely still and you need your head
completely still in between that however this bit here needs to be relaxed and
flowing I find that when people try and stay still everything gets stiff so
you’ve got foundation here solidness head solid not moving around and
allowing the arms to swing we want this putter to be swinging flowingly like
this if we move around the put is going to move around as well so watch this we
make it we get yourself set up we let around hang naturally in front of our
body this will tell us the distance from the ball we’re
hang over here my eyes by the way i roughly directly over the ball within
reason okay then we get ourselves set so a nice solid base and we’re trying to
make a swing now we’re ahead stay still our legs stay still and we allow the
arms look just to flow this is very weird for some people who’d be missing
parts they don’t like this really they feel that’s out of control
no it cannot suppose it is it’s a loud cut is flowing but the control elements
are your head and your legs they’re the things that keeping in your arms need
to be flowing otherwise there’s just no rhythm there’s no touch there’s
no control over where the ball goes so watch this we got a self set
here legs are nice two steel heads nicer still and we allow the putter just to
flow backwards and forwards by swinging the arms okay that’s nice is still here
swing the arms okay that’s goal number one to enhance this certainly what I do
to enhance this motion I have a couple of balance cushions and it’s sometimes
difficult to get the feel of this so what I do is I put a couple of balance
cushions down I’ll put a link in the description they’re super cheap just you
can get them on Amazon super cheap and it’s not important that you hole putts here
but what it does if you stick on the balance cushions here you’ll get an
idea of okay my body is moving around now how do I stay still now as I
try and stay still here my muscles in my legs are gonna be activated they’re
going to give me some great feedback as to what I should be feeling in order to
keep those legs dead still okay so backwards and forwards okay not bad now
what I do I would hit probably quite a few putts like that
my body’s willing to move around and my muscles are working there and they’re
working to keep my balance that sensation now I can move to the golf
ball so now it’s weird how stable my legs feel having jumped off the balance cushions
my muscles are working I’ve got the same feeling and it’s so much easier to
keep those legs dead still the question is how do you keep this still as well
because people try to do it but they struggle so this has got two exercises
one is you don’t need any training aid and the other one you might so
I’ve got a puting mirror here where again I put a link in the description of
where you can buy it against super cheap on Amazon so you got a putting mirror
here don’t you to use I’m gonna give you something else just a couple of tea pegs
to do this the same thing but I like the putting mirror because when we look down
at the putty mirror we’ve got we can actually see where our eyes are relative
to that golf ball so we’ve got a nice stable stance we’ve got we can see where
I turn if I head moves around now we can actually see a head moving around so it
gives us some a immediate feedback so now again I use this a lot because I
find like my I sometimes get too far ahead of the golf ball I want to keep
him more over the top and in line so I hit putts just from there keeping my
head right over the top of that ball and away we go
okay now that’s it simple training aid I use this a taste to it most tournament
just as a little checkup two or three minutes and away I go so legs are still
head still now cheaper drill you don’t need to buy a training aid get a couple
of tee pegs this really helps the concentration you get yourself set here
this is a slightly left-to-right putt and what I do is I put tee pegs either side of my putter just like this now the great thing about this is
it not only just the sheer concentration of swinging the putter head through
these tee pegs will encourage you to stay still because if you move around
you’re going to hit the tee pegs so it’s a great way of staying still here
keeping the head still and then away we go okay so great exercise Tiger Woods
loves this exercise so try there’s two things for balance it in the legs and
the head now let’s look at a point number two so you’ve got your legs
stable your head stable and more importantly look from top to bottom you
stable but in between you’re relaxed and you’re swinging these arms
really well I feel comfortable if it feels a bit scary but now you’re ready
to move on to the point number two point number two is is once you’ve got that
stability you’ve got some flow to your stroke you know I need to learn to set
the ball off on the line now so one of the things I put in here put a couple of
tee pegs about a foot and a half in front of my god ball no more on a golf
course you could just imagine rolling over a spot but I picked my spot here
which I want the ball to go through and what I’m doing is is I’m tracking an
imaginary line going towards a left-to-right putt imagine a
line going towards the hole now I don’t want to be kind of concentrating up
there somewhere because the problem is it’s often too far away and it can and
strange you to feel a little bit intimidating but because I’m playing the
game of all I need to do is hit that ball a foot and a half in front of me
over that gap it free that gap there and hopefully look at that the ball goes in
now that’s the advantage of literally having a spot no more than a foot and a
half in front of you it’s almost like spot putting or you can imagine a line
think right there’s my line hit it over that spot far far simple how many of you
I don’t know if you ought to say but how many of you are going like this you
stood over the golf ball with a hundred and one things that you’re thinking
about as opposed to no the simple act of pick your spot there and just
practice hitting a ball through that little gate it will really really help
let’s move on to the next point right this is control this is one of my
favorite exercises I do this every single tournament I play but let me just
start by saying what isn’t distance control and I have fallen into this trap many
times myself I’d go on to some golf courses in the past the greens were
really very slick had knocked the first one miles by and then I’ll be telling
myself oh don’t hit it as hard this time that is not distance control if you’re
having to tell yourself to hit it harder or softer you don’t have the feel if I’m
gonna throw a ball to you right now I’m not having to tell myself to go soft or
hard there’s a feel to this okay so what you need to do you to develop that feel
before you go on a golf course particularly if its a new course and the simplest
way of doing this is called the guessing game and all you do is I stand over this
putt here and what I’m going to do it once I’ve got myself a nice and planted
in position I do a few swings allowing the freedom of my arms here
okay backwards and forwards now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna close my eyes and I’m
gonna guess where this has gone it actually felt a little bit firm yes now
I simply felt little bit firm what a probably should have said it it’s firm I
think it’s gone maybe two feet off three feet past the hole now what I’m trying
to do is I know that my feel is good when my guess is good what I mean by
that well if I’d have said there it’s gone too far by three feet and it’s gone
too far by three feet my guess is spot-on
that matches my feel if the ball would have gone in the hole at the perfect
pace and I thought it had gone three foot long my even that’s gone in the
hole my intuition is slightly out so we’re developing this is so important
developing now you’ve got your mechanics yes but you’re developing feel through
your senses I’m having to use my senses to develop that feel that’s how we
develop distance control the second thing which is really important here is this
you cannot get distance control if your stroke is wooden and isn’t
flowing freely imagine this I’m going to toss a ball to you right now if I toss a
ball and go look and it’s stiff and wooden I’m not gonna be it’s gonna go
all different paces so what we’re trying to do here is is we’re also creating as
we said at the start a flowing Motion I’m not guiding it I’m I’m allowing the putter
to swing now when people do this for the first time they think the put is going
to go all over the place it doesn’t because you’ve got your head fixed
you’ve got your foundation fixed therefore the putter will flow on a
beautiful line and that’s really important the more we get into this
rhythm of the stroke what’s going to happen is not too bad what’s going to
happen they’re up the balls are going to start flowing into the hole so that’s
pace control let’s move on to how you then take this and a bit of green
reading out onto the golf course right how do you take all this out onto the
golf course so you can literally allow yourself to hold more pots well clearly
you’re gonna have to put there a little bit of practice in first but then on the
golf course it’s a lot about allowing it to happen and for it to allow it to
happen you’ve got to build a very very simple routine that allows
stillness and that lovely flow so I’m going to give you my one two three
routine really really simple can be a little bit scary for some because people love to hover
over the golf ball ball have a look at this so what we don’t I get myself this
is my general warm routine so I’ve got my pace control now now it’s just about
developing a nice routine so what I do is I have two or three practice strokes
and then get swinging backwards and forwards here I’m visualizing the ball
going in the hole I’m picturing the ball going in the hole what I do now is
this I walk to the golf ball I put the putter behind the ball
I look move my head back and I go that is what I’m doing
straightaway okay so I’m literally moving and building a system well then
once I’ve done that I’ll start to move around a hole this hole is set on a on a
bit of slope so this helps my green reading because I’m having to kind of
judge the pace and the curve on each one of these putts so I get myself set
again every putt now you’ll notice as well I’m only using one boy I only ever use
one ball I never stand here with two or three balls putting away because you
only get one chance in in the game of golf so I love the fact that
this is the only part I’m going to play from this position I get myself set
planted head nice and still once I’ve done that notice I’m looking at that
maybe that gate we’ve talked about earlier and I’m literally one two three
get myself set look through the gate back to the ball hit the putt miss
doesn’t matter how you react to these also very very important okay
I don’t suddenly start panicking that I’ve missed a putt back in like that’s life
this this going to happen so get myself set again build my routine
in I can see it’s going to curve a little bit now here by the way in the
summertime when the grass or the grounds a little bit firmer the brakes going to
break a lot more in the winter with this where it’s wet it’s going to break a lot
less so we get yourself set again and this is it backwards and forwards I’m
looking at the line visualizing it and I’m literally putting through that
little get imaginary gate that we’ve talked about earlier
get to my ball one look at the gate back to the ball and then after we go
and that is as simple as that when you’re putting away and you’re
developing this stroke you’re going to have to you’re going to have to build a
routine you if you don’t have a routine you’re going to succumb to the
nervousness you’re going to start moving your head what I love about the
one-two-three technique is that when you go 1 2 3 it stops this extra 2 or 3
looks which adds the tension and really puts down into your stroke so what have
we done in this putting lesson we’ve done a lot haven’t we we started off
with looking at the basic mechanics we said look you have to have stability in
your legs stability in your head but everything else is flowing do this now
get a sensation of just literally flowing people are worried that when it
flows like this the putt is going to feel like it could go all over the place
it doesn’t because you’ve already got the stability here and here you’ve just
got beautifully flowing putter which is going to help your distance control and
accuracy we mentioned a couple of training aids remember the the cushions
I’ll put links in description below the mirror is another great example here of
helping you to see what happen is happening to the head over the golf ball
shows you where you eyes are – and if you just didn’t want to purchase
the mirror put a couple of tee pegs in again Tigers were Tigers favorite
exercises that will help you just practice swinging through those tee pegs
once you’ve got the basic mechanics in place that stillness then we said look
just play the game you look you’ve got a target it’s far easier to imagine if a
target a foot and a half in front of you than it is a target that’s away from you
so put those two tee pegs in the ground and just ahead of you here and then imagine
hitting through those tee pegs a foot and a half in and what happens after
that the ball take care of itself then we went onto pace control pace control
remember is intuitive it’s a feel orientated action how do we develop it
my favorite exercise is the guessing game close your eyes
I guess when I did this on one one tournament I guess it was like really
close the whole I looked it’s like 10 feet
past the hole I was 10 feet out these greens were lightning I didn’t change I
just kept swinging until eventually I I guess incorrectly once
you’ve got it I can walk up to any pot on any green look back go don’t have to
worry about distance control because I’ve in my gut I’ve got it in my
intuition just as if I was gonna throw a ball to you now I don’t think about it
it’s in my gut I know arrive in your hands and then finally you’ve got to get
it and you’re going to apply it to the golf course how do you do that well you
need to build a solid routine get a hole move around it and build the routine
which I like to say whoops it’s my 1 2 3 routine where what you’re
going to do you get yourself set you visualize the gate the balls going
through you visualize the hole and then you’re going 1 to get rhythm pace
control get yourself set 1 2 3 and away we go hope you really enjoy this
training if you know somebody else who could benefit for some help with their
putting please share it I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it
and of course if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe come and join
the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell if you
aren’t already but until next week have a great golfing week

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  • Wow! Up early enough to catch a DM video 🙂 Been gutted about our weather recently :(.

    As far as putting's concerned, it's the only part of the game that comes naturally to me, it feels like I'm playing pool. I just look at the hole and ball from different angles, imagine myself playing the shot and then just holing it!

  • Great video Danny, it’s such an important part of the game especially when trying to lower your handicap . . . We could probably all spend a bit more time in the practice area improving our putting.

  • Great video love the idea of the mirror to keep my head straight, and putting through the tees, could you also organise some better weather so i can go practice

  • Lots of info in this video Danny. I use the technique you describe of just going with instinct like you're throwing a ball to someone. Just take all thoughts out of your mind and feel free and just putt. Putting is the best bit of my game and this helps me a lot. I will adopt your first tip though as never consciously think of this and also i tend to just aim at the hole instead of a target closer to me so will put this into my routine also. Start the season next weekend at a new club so excited to get started. Your driver tips from last week certainly helped me last night on the range. So fingers crossed for a good year. Thanks as always Danny my divorce is nearly sorted so will be down to see you as promised later in the year 👍

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  • Another great video. I have recently been trying to keep my legs stable and the balance cushions are a great idea to practise the feel. Recently I have practised feeling as if I am tensing and pushing my legs slightly forward to keep my stability and its proving to be effective. I have neglected my yputting but analysing my scores its whats costing me dearly so a huge thanks for the tips

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