Education specialisation – Leiden University

I come from Curacao. I moved to The Netherlands to follow a scientific
education. After time I realized that science wasn’t
what I was looking for. Then I found out that I wanted to become a
teacher. I was really looking forward to be in front
of a classroom and now I started I realize that this is what I have been looking
for all those years. To see the children laugh all the time. You will here the craziest stories and also
the most funny stories. The master is split into a research part and
a educational part. I managed it to do a more extensive research
and after that the educational part. That way I’m still able to chose sides after
my master. Every monday you go to the University to follow courses
like Pedagogy, Intervision and Teaching Methodology. In all the courses you get to know yourself
better in the way you teach and the way you will understand the children. In the supervision group you will join a group
of students and you look back on everything you’ve experienced. The lecturer of the supervision group
will also be your mentor. He will support you and see how you perform
in the school where you teach. In my spare time I like to go into Leiden. Because Leiden is a great and beautiful town. That’s why I like to visit museums. If I see something I find interesting I always think
of my students and if they would find it interesting too. And maybe they will get more interested. I chose for Life Science and Technology with
the specialization Education. But within almost every master you can chose
for the specialization Education.

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