Educational Trips to New Orleans (French Quarter)

Hey Group Leaders! It’s Michelle with AST here to help you
get a jump on your group travel plans. Today we’re talking about the French Quarter
in New Orleans. The French Quarter sits on a some of the highest
ground in New Orleans. Not only is it the city’s cultural hub,
but it is also a community where residents take time to welcome visitors in the streets. Intimate and unique, New Orleans’ oldest
neighborhood has exerted a spell over writers and artists since the time of Mark Twain and
John James Audubon. French Quarter architecture blends Spanish,
French, Creole and American styles together in an idyllic, enchanting setting. Walled courtyards, perfect for French Quarter
parties, are a gift of the Spanish influence. The French Quarter is full of boutique shopping. Browse the treasure trove at the French Market,
once a 1920’s Italian Market. The space is now filled with funky shops and
grassroots art galleries. Stroll down Royal Street for a glimpse at
galleries featuring antiques and work by local artists. Take a stroll or a carriage ride through Jackson
Square as you enjoy street performers and local artistry. This picturesque square and dramatic garden,
sitting just in front of the iconic St. Louis Cathedral, offers a charming and intimate
French Quarter view. A picnic in Woldenberg Park provides a great
view of the Mississippi River and passing barges and steamboats. New Orleans is full of rich history and culture
and is a GREAT place for your next educational trip! Call us today to make this trip a reality. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
and like us on Facebook for more travel tidbits. Until next time!

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