EF Efekta™ Learning System – How I learned with EF

My name is Nadja and
I’m from Switzerland. Last spring, I decided
to take a break from my studies to learn languages and this was the first time
I got in contact with the EF Efekta learning system. There are many parts that
make up the Efekta learning system. There are conversation classes,
general classes, iLab computer classes, iPad classes, Special interest classes, And also the fact that you
actually live in a country that speaks the language
you are learning. This makes you really
“live the language” all day long. So the first class I had,
was a General class. What I was amazed about
were the inspiring teachers. All the classes were quite small,
with just like 10 to 15 students, so the teachers had
a lot of time for all of us, Then we had conversation class
and that’s where we had so many interesting discussions. I never talked
so much in my life, at least not in English. Then I had an iPad class.
I never had this before. On our iPads we were using
a special EF Classroom App, which is so much better
than working with just a book. The teacher sent out
exercises to us to the iPads. We worked them out
in pairs of two, or sometimes by ourselves, and discussed
the different options. It’s really high-tech
and fun way to learn. I also had a computer class,
it’s called iLab. You log in to a special
website called MyEF and there you have
your assignments. For example,
you practice pronunciation. You speak into the headset
and the software tells you if it’s a good pronunciation. Really, really helpful. There’s also listening exercises
and grammar exercises there. One of the best
features of the MyEF is that you can see all your
statistics and how you progress. The teacher always
gives you feedback too, but it’s easy to understand
the way it’s shown inside MyEF. So you know what to focus on. And on top of this we had
Special interest classes. I’m interested in marketing
so I took the Marketing Spin and also Journalism. But there were 100’s of
them to choose from. I think it’s easier to learn
if you are really interested in a topic. So, after class you go out
with your friends to a bar or to a
restaurant or to the cinema and of course you have to speak
the language with your friends, who are from all over the world. Or you go to a restaurant,
where you can order food And, interact with the local people. And specially in your host family, you really have to
speak their language because you are part of their life. I think thats a great way
to improve your English. And now I’m back in Zurich and I will work as a
Flight Attendant for a year, before I continue my studies in University. And, I think
I really got the job because of the improvement
of my language skills with EF.

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