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Hello, everyone. I’m Nicole Rae. And welcome to my English game show, Word Points. My students will compete in three rounds of
word games to get points and win a prize. Please introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Joong Won Kwon. I major in aircraft mechanics and I’m Korean. I graduated from an international school,
so I can speak English. Hi, my name is Dong Chan Shin. And I major the same subject as his. And I speak English well because I studied
abroad a year and I love the language. Great. Now for the first round, you get 45 seconds to make as many English words that start with the letter S. You get one point for each letter in the word, so you want to say big words to get more points. The rules are:
Only English words No plurals
No abbreviations No acronyms
and you can’t copy the other players words. Do you guys understand the rules? Yes. Let’s start with Joong Won. Start. speech speechless speak sell sea sick seek
and shower show steak scream ..um.. sports sour speed sky survey surf surround sing ..umm. shocking shock ummm…. Good job, how do you feel? I guess it is harder than I expected. Okay, Dong Chan. You have 45 seconds. Please say all the English words you know
starting with the letter S. Start. sky skyfall ski sky blue ski..snow snowboard snowing snowman snowball fight snowball snack sneeze umm… shoot And…umm… snea..ky sneaky sling… slingshot
And…umm… Good job. how do you feel? It was hard, harder than I thought. Great job, guys. After the first round, we can see that Joong
Won has more points than Dong Chan. For round two, each student will have 45 seconds
to say as many English words that end with the letter S. We have the same rules. We will start with Dong Chan now. Are you ready, Dong Chan? Yep. Start. yes his hers bus goes does Hmmm… Wow… ahhh… delicious And…. Much harder. Are you ready, Joong Won? Yes. Start. mess less ummm… kiss p… ah no no no…. pass boss ummm.. lips ummm… this miss It’s really hard. These are the scores for round 2. When we add round 1 word points and
round 2 word points, here are the current total scores. For the final round, I will say 10 English
words each. You need to listen to the words. If there is letter S in the word,
you only need to answer “Yes”. If there is no S in the word, you need to
answer “No”. You have only two seconds to answer. You get one point for each correct answer. Are you ready, Joong Won? Yes. Start. medicine No. circus No. science Yes. bicycle No. ice-cream No. debris Yes. sale Yes. circle No. December No. September Yes. Good job. How do you feel? It was better than the S ending words. Are you ready, Dong Chan? Yes. Start. cement No. princess Yes. pencil No. sentence Yes. island Yes. sour Yes. recipe No. base Yes. face No. office No. Good job. How do you feel? That was much easier than the former ones. Let’s calculate the final scores and see who
wins the prize. These are the scores for round three. Now if we add rounds one, two and three, the
winner is Joong Won. Yay! To hand off the prize today we have Robin
Shaw. All right, man. Here is 50,000 won because we’re in Korea. You’re the winner. Congratulations. Thank you. How do you feel? I feel very happy about it. Anyway, you did a good job, man. Thanks. All right, guys. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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