Enrolling learners: Moodle 3.4

Enrolling learners. There are a number of
ways in which your students can access your course for example your
administrator might enrol them for you or they might be automatically enrolled
from outside or they might be able to create their own accounts on the Moodle
site and then enrol themselves into your course. In this video we look at how
you the teacher can manually add students to your course and how you can
find out the other ways in which they can access your course. If we click the
Participants link in the navigation drawer and then click the gear there we
see Enrolled users and Enrolment methods. Enrolment means how students
get into your course whereas Authentication means how they
get onto a Moodle site, which we don’t look at here. If we click Enrolment
methods we can see the different ways that they’re able to access or be
enrolled into a course: the first one we see is called Manual enrolments; this
means that students can be enrolled into their course by the teacher.
Note that for security reasons on our learn Moodle Basics MOOC manual
enrolment is not available .Guest access here has its eye closed so that means
that currently no guests can look at this course but the teacher can enable
it by clicking the icon. Self-enrolment means that users can
enroll themselves by clicking a button. This is currently disabled again because
the eye icon has a line through it. Clicking it to open it would allow us to
give students permission to access the course themselves. Now remember that on
our Learn Moodle site teachers are not allowed to enrol students directly into
their practice courses, but if we go to a different site and a different course we
can see how to do this. To enrol users manually we click the enrol users button
and then select the people we want to enrol and the role that we want to give
them. We’ll choose student. As a teacher we don’t normally have the rights to enrol
other teachers into our course; we have to ask permission to do that. rom this
screen we can search for and filter users by role enrolment method, group,
status and we can also edit and delete their enrolments.Now this method is
fine if we just have a few people to enrol into our courses. However if you
have many it might be worth exploring other ways of allowing them access in
this course on a third Moodle site when we click the Enrol users button we see
an option Select a cohort. A cohort is a group of users created by
the site administrator or a manager and we can add cohort members individually
from here or from the enrollment method screen where we were before, using what’s
called the Cohort sync method – and note that as they are added you can also add
them to any existing groups in the course, but you’ll only see this Cohort
sync method if your site has set up cohorts.

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