Epiphan Pearl for education

Introducing Epiphan Pearl,
the perfect solution for your school’s lecture capture and streaming needs. With Pearl, you can capture, record and stream
4 HD sources simultaneously. It’s an open platform, which means it’s not
tied to any specific learning management system. Because it’s open nature, you have the freedom
to create a custom solution that meets the specific needs of your school. Our customers love Pearl because it’s so adaptable. It works with most common infrastructure,
so you won’t need to worry about replacing the equipment you already have in place. Let’s take a look at how Epiphan Pearl works. It captures up to 4 HD video sources. It has
two SDI, two HDMI and two VGA inputs. From there, you can create custom layouts,
do live switching and stream it right from the box. You could stream locally for overflow classrooms,
and at the same time, do live streaming to off-campus students using a CDN, YouTube or
other portals like your LMS. Of course, all your captured video is recorded
to Pearl’s internal 1 TB hard drive. Your footage can automatically be uploaded
to your LMS or any ftp server. And at any time, your recordings can also be exported
to attached USB storage. Over 1600 schools are already using Epiphan’s
streaming and recording products, including Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education. With no recurring fees, easy setup, and incredible
audio and video quality, Pearl is drawing rave reviews from our customers. Visit epiphan.com to schedule a custom demo
and see it for yourself.

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