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We are Austria’s largest recruitment agency with currently more than 100 employees and
about 1,300 placements per year. Employee satisfaction is vital to us. Satisfied employees and a good organizational climate are very important at epunkt. Only employees who enjoy their work
can perform well. Dynamic corporate culture
is a top priority for us. Our first company vision statement said:
We want to become a company with 15 people
who enjoy coming to work. Our employees are often
and very well included, which surely is one of the
critical success factors. We decided to use TeamEcho to make employee satisfaction
more sustainable, and these efforts have to
come from within. We needed a tool to measure this sustainability
in a straightforward manner. I typically use TeamEcho
once a week. I get an email with three to four questions
I answer quickly. After that I look at the trends. How did the others vote? It’s very straightforward and
easy to handle. What I really appreciate about TeamEcho is
that you can adapt it individually. You can create your own questionnaires,
you can incorporate questions into the tool that are relevant to you. With regular employee surveys, you only get results at a certain point in time,
usually once or twice a year. TeamEcho allows you to get continuous feedback, and you can work on that basis, which is great. I think it’s very easy to use. I usually receive an email
that contains a link every Wednesday. I open the link,
answer four or five questions, and it’s done. I particularly like
the comments feature. TeamEcho gives epunkt’s employees a voice so that they can speak out anonymously. TeamEcho’s comments feature is
especially valuable to us as it allows us to get very
tangible and honest feedback. TeamEcho supports our management because it helps us notice mood swings in particular departments and branches. For management it is particularly beneficial to recognize trends ahead of time, to realize when things are not going
the way they are supposed to. Using TeamEcho has led to a very tangible success, which makes me very proud. By taking targeted measures,
we managed to increase satisfaction by 9 percentage points
within 4 months. And that shows that
there are immediate effects. I also believe that
by using TeamEcho the corporate culture becomes more open
and ultimately enriched. When a company decides to use TeamEcho, that’s a vote of confidence to the employees. At epunkt our current vision is:
We are the role model in recruiting. In this regard, TeamEcho is a great tool for monitoring employee morale and satisfaction. The mood barometer for organizations

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