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  • Thank you so much it's a reminder that I need to make the list of bad memories that are still lingering in my unconscious. BUT mostly to get CLOSURE for myself and see what has been right in front of me all this time! What was too hard to see, to accept the unhealthy people in my life including my ex to have denied my gut feeling my sense of being feeling and thinking. I DID have euphoric recall but NOW that am getting mentally, spiritually stronger I am having less of the good memories, only left to continue to explore the bad times to call each event by there name! LYING, GASLITHTING, LOVEBOMING, and so forth. That at the end Dr. Ramani am not crazy or to sensitive, or even dumb as I'm told I misinterpret what they said! No am not eating there shit they are feeding me, no more!😊 You said something important in one of your video, be CALM as they pretty much want you to be unbalanced ! That's the worse thing you can do loose it I know because then they turn the tables and now your the crazy one.. Although I Haven't conquered it quite yet it's a work in progress but I will get my Zen with these crazy Narcs and bipolar at that.

  • I really, really, really wish I had heard this before I believed his cunning lies AGAIN & took him back AGAIN & got swipes up in his deceit & hurried up & married him. Oh my God! It turned into a nightmare & every week it got worse. I thought I was literally losing my mind. I’m a bachelor degreed RN with a good background in psychology and an up close & personal working knowledge of narcissists. I would have these moments of clarity when I called him on his bullshit, or even broke up with him. Once for four months with no contact! He is so smooth & you are absolutely right Dr. Ramani!!! My best friend & I could never figure out his power over me! (There is SO much more to this story. He is a K1 VISA, set up by a mutual friend & he totally scammed me from day 1.) He almost destroyed my life & I doubted & questioned myself & even felt guilty when I set him up to be arrested. The mind fuck is real…& I am trying to pick up the pieces.

  • “Euphoric recall” Wow! Dr. Ramani you shared the very description, or I call it a label, that has helped me understand the type of rumination I used to entertain about my ex narcissistic husband. Remembering and over emphasizing primarily the good I had in my marriage while minimizing all his behavior that left me with post traumatic baggage. I understand now that it was a protection mechanism in my mind. I have healed dramatically with very little residual that I still recognize is a work in progress. You have helped me with your incredible information. I started taking hot yoga with a mixture of Pilates months ago that has also helped myself confidence exponentially. Personally, you and yoga have been empowering for me. Thank you!! ❤️🤸‍♂️

  • I love how you word things, very inspiring. Always feel great and way better after hearing your words on the subject. Thanks again Dr Ramani!

  • Total lovebombing when this person wants something, even if it's just attention. I have never felt comfortable being myself and expressing my own needs since I was a kid (this is a parent). When I do express my needs this person looks confused, like I'm speaking a foreign language, and if I continue on they get angry and cut the conversation short. It's only ever about them, and nearly every single word out of their mouth is designed to control.

  • Your knowledge, intelligence and delivery is very attractive to a person eager to understand how to heal. With love, Julie ❤️

  • Ick list, just a few:
    Didn’t contribute financially towards any bills or the mortgage/rent
    Lack of interest in sex
    Scary raging
    Driving erratically
    Every day anger
    Complete entitlement
    Lived (s) in the past
    Verbally abusive
    Infintile in his thinking
    Dependent upon his mother
    Complicated relationship with mother
    Vindictive mother
    Not educated yet wants a rich lifestyle
    Angry with the world/the world owes him
    Vindictive, mean at heart.
    Just a few things here without getting too personal/the poison apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  • For me it was a belief that this individual would show up in my life. It never happened but the carrot bombs continued to fall. During this years long phase I lost nearly everything and it had little to do with them. The fact is they were the Christof in the control tower. But I know now how much love is security and want and growth. Still, this individual has access to my digital life and there for can control who I meet and where I am successful by interfering.

  • Geebus Doc the ruminating was such a nightmare. I had never known what that word meant until the narc. Now I know. …

    Also yes, the cons list really does help. I’ve had to go over it so many times to remember the shit he put me thru. The high was addictive but so toxic.

  • He said:
    “I don’t want you.
    I don’t want that baby.
    I can do whatever I want.
    I can fuck whoever i want!”
    All said while yelling. I was 14weeks pregnant then with our baby. I walked out. Now I am 32weeks and 2 days. It is very hard but cannot wait until I am totally healed. This video is awesome! 🙌🏻

  • This was amazing for me. I should make a list of all those times that were awful due to substance abuse. In AA they make you write down a resentment/ self inventory list. It’s really not helpful for someone who struggles with anxiety. Seeing myself as I am would be a better approach.

    This series helps me recognize not only my negative traits or character defects but some serious problem people that were in my life.

  • Dr. Ramani, could you please do a video on how they use you as a tool for sex during devaluation and how to manage those emotions because till today I continue to blame myself for not setting those boundaries which led me to be in a position where I was consistently physically and emotionally violated!

  • This is probably a silly question, but can you have hovering in your marriage? For instance once the person sees you have had it and are disregarding their behavior, they now try to give you attention and get you back.

  • Funny my ex narcissist that broke up with me 3 weeks ago after I found her Twitter saying she wanted to physically harm me and beat the breaks off me texted me today. After months of not disclosing my physical health status I finally told her that I have cancer and I said I’m not going to die. She was shook saying this further proves how awful she was as a gf for me to said that in a text. Then she went on to say “I know you’re not going to die you’re too persistent…lol I say that as if I was trying to kill you before”. She said well I’m glad you’re not going to die because I don’t want to have to find someone else to torture.

  • 1 of many many many points on my ick list;
    The gaslighting, the lack of emotion, I found multiple texts in their phone to other guys etc. I was hurt, we were broken… that night, I get a phone call "I'm going out for dinner with my ex tonight", in utter shock and disbelief, I said "no way in hell you are! You'd rather go have dinner with an ex, than make up for what you've done to me?", the reply I got… "well I want to be around happy people, and you're not happy at the moment"
    What a dirty nasty dog! And I still yook them back yo try and make them see my point of view!!!! Foolish!

  • Ick list: Quit 4 different jobs on the first day, spent 1.5 year 'training for the armed forces' while I took the financial burden and in the end went to '1 day job number 4' . Volcanic temper tantrums over : using the wrong sort of packing tape, absolutely nothing, because I didn't lock the jars properly. Nasty remarks : 'I don't see you doing this army training'. etc etc etc.

  • My euphoric entanglement with Grandma ends faster when I remember how hella kicked out my ill grandpa is on the streets, how messed up my mom is due to her, how many people got betrayed by her, but again, she's so damaged that I still want to practice healthy empathy and compassion, with an icky list of boundaries!

  • "PAIN IN THE ASS" RECALL….i get it all the time.

    Crap memories….but they are the ones i want. They return and remind me NEVER to get caught in that RAT'S trap ever again.

    I AM ME now…I AM NOT THEM…or anything like them.

  • This is so on point. I’m recently out a relationship & yes, I remember the great times. But right now, all the “ick” that happened is keeping me firmly planted in reality. Even though my ex keeps going on & on about all the amazing things {mostly from the first 2-3 months before he showed me his other side} to try to get me to change my mind &’let him back in. He was my first relationship out of my 23 year marriage. Right now I’m committed to keeping my solitude & healing from all the emotional abuse he put me through. Thank you for your videos, I’ve learned so much.

  • The only thing I'm comfortable with sharing from my "ick list" is actually somewhat euphoric. There were a couple of times when I would try to discuss a problem with my abusive ex and he would interrupt me, kiss me on the forehead, give me a hug and say "I love you. You know I would never intentionally hurt you, right?"

    It felt wonderful at the time, but looking back I know that it was a manipulative tactic to keep me under his control. It's on my ick list because now I know it was all fake. I can't thank you enough for your videos, thank you so much.

  • I wrote my ick list but weeks went by and I still started thinking what ifs . I know i should of left first / second red flag 8yrs ago but he was magnetic. Everytime i leave him i drive myself crazy thinking of his next one . Will she have a better body . Better personality. Will she cope better with him than i did . Will she …..
    I actually sent him things he done /said .

    He said you were no angel and those texts were abusive.
    No they are reality not your distorted version .
    We talk about it and always ends up huge row . Or he says dont want to talk and heads off or says you know where the door is .
    He goes to pieces when I leave him so much so his family stepped in.
    Moral of the story dont abuse me and I will stay …der !!!

  • Hi doctor Ramani
    I am not able to take a decision or stand for myself.every time when I think that now I am done with this difficult or toxic relationship something happens to me and I go back to that person .Please help me in this my life is becoming hell day by day m not able to focus on anything else just laying on bed and thinking the stuff and misbehave that happened to me .please guide me what should I do

  • I’m so glad I came across ur videos! Literally a few weeks ago i saw ur videos and IMMEDIATELY resonated with EVERYTHING u said and listed. At first I thought it was me the whole time and I would deep dive into the self development world to really focus on what was wrong with me. I was with my narc for over 7 years! And it literally blew my mind and that I had an answer to what I was dealing with! FINALLY🙌😩 you’ve literally changed my life as I have now moved out with my family! It has been a huge rude awakening/mind blowing process but I’m so glad I didn’t take it any further! So relieved… as of now though I have been falling into that “euphoric recall” and it does creep up but as u said- make an icky list! Which won’t take long then I’m back to being petty😅 thanks so much Doctor Ramani! You’ve literally changed my life for the better and also my family is learning more from ur videos too!🙌😌 I’m loving how the number of ur subscribers are growing!!👍🙌 keep it up Doc☺️

  • I had the greatest love bombing, then things got ugly. They stayed ugly and I regret
    that I ever had feelings for him. Fortunately I got thrown in jail for felony child
    stealing and after a week the cops just let me go. All because I refused to
    continued living with him.. That really helped me get over him for good.

  • New subscriber; 1st comment- married for 35 years to a (beautiful) yet super narc women, yes we had some very good times. Her recall is twisted to justify that her reason is always correct and for a much better reason than mine. I dealt with it by letting her be in control and my body took a mental beating. I called it "Fighting for Love". I will stay with her, but now with knowledge I already feel better….

  • One of the most confusing scenes from my ick list: After coming home from a family gathering were my living grandmother even packed her some food for her upcoming days at work. We got home and she went to bed. I had to stay up to study so I went in to our room and kissed her on the forehead and said "Goodnight". She then said with the harshest voice "Let's see life as a staircase. I'm on level 85 and you're on level 15. Sometimes I go down to level 75 but I immediately hop right back up to level 85. But you, you're always going to stay on that level or maybe even go lower." I didn't know what to respond so I just slowly walked out of the room grabbed my jacket and took a 3 hour walk outside were I called a friend and told them all about this. To this day, I still can't figure out what happened to trigger that in her. We had such a good evening? When I got back home and went to bed, she hugged me and kissed me in the most loving way. We woke up and she was like a ray of sunshine and we never talked about it again. Well, I mentioned it about a year after when she discarded me. I ironically said "well I understand that a level 85 person would not want to be with a level 15 person." To that she immediately responded "WHAT I NEVER SAID THAT!" Ahhh #lifewithanarcissist

  • Dr. R no one will see the light unless they want to , end of story. I finally got that through my head. The sex was so bad and so little thank God for that!!! I do have a legal size piece of paper of pros and cons and that has helped, pros was 3 , the cons were so many of them, maybe 30 or more.

  • Good video as ever, but I'm not sure the new mic is working. There's lots of low hum and the sound quality is actually not as good as it was before. Ironically it was better when you were sitting on the sofa and it all seemed a bit better produced. Hope you don't mind me saying. Just trying to be constructive. Please continue with the good work. No offense meant. x

  • Every single word is exactly what my relationship was with her. And that love-bombing was just so wonderful after having been alone for so many years. I made that ick list, but I have the hardest time coming to terms with the person I thought she was and the person she really is. It hurts my heart so much and seems to cripple my mind.

  • Could you do a series on a narcissistic parent? I'm still struggling to try to figure it out… My parent does not meet all of the criteria as far as saying nasty things and putting me down, but she is definitely overbearing, nosey, stepping over boundaries constantly… And no matter what I do or rules I lay down it doesn't matter. But when I call her out on it, she throws a fit, cries, goes into this hole think about how I don't love her, and all the things that she's done for me… Just not sure if that fits into narcissistic criteria. Thanks!

  • Doctor Ramini—I gain something from every single one of your videos, but this was the best one yet! You are so right! I tend to recall only the good times, but have dismissed all of the bad. And God, those bad times were so bad and were crazy making! I would never accept the bad now, from anyone (including my ex). By only remembering the good, I remain stuck and still connected to him in a weird way. Thank you so much!

  • It took me three years to leave my husband. I drove across country to my friends house to stay. I wasn’t even there and he sent me the most beautiful red roses I’d ever seen. He continued this for months, along with manipulating our children to help get me back. It’s been two years and I’m leaving again. This time, the roses will go in the trash!! Thanks for helping us see the truth.

  • It's all about change, it takes time, remember the time that you where pulling the shortest strings, intermitted reinforcement, has no euphoria, it's more about the MAYBE’S that triggers the highest possible spike of dopamine. Just remind yourself, when you walk into that void, you probably are voiding your own needs, this isn't only a trap it's very dangerous for your health.

  • I started up my karate training that I had given up 17 years prior because it was too difficult for HIM to care for the kids 2 nights a week. After a year my body felt so strong, I literally felt my backbone and kicked him out. Now with each battle in the divorce, each round of insults and gaslighting, I go punch or kick bags and spar. It's been cathartic!

  • Thank you so much Dr. Ramani, this is very helpful! Too long ick list and they keep coming until today after being buried in my head for 2 years marriage. One line he said after confessing his cheating with a girl in Philipine he found in Tinder "If you love me let me be happy and give me 1 year with her" while stomping his feet like a toddler. I've gone no contact from July 2019, and feeling better each day!

  • As per usual, it feels like you know me and what my experiences with narcissists has felt like. Thanks so much! My last narcissist has just tried to hoover me. Thank God and you that I decided to talk to my daughter about it and she works as my Gimminy cricket consciousness. But your idea of writing the bad reality is genius. Thanks again. Please keep un your amazingly generous sharing.

  • Thank you Dr. Ramani you always come out with videos at the right moments. You are the reason why I am able to peacefully remove myself and no longer be my narcissists supply. He has found someone new! But I’m so happy.

  • I feel a little bad about this but I think of the narcissist like a zombie in a movie, the human inside has basically died and been replaced with this new entity, mindless and survival obsessed. We don’t feel sorry for zombies, we know they want to destroy us. I perhaps miss or mourn for the person they were. But I won’t be meeting my zombie for happy hour.

  • I had this issue when I first removed myself from the narcissist. All I would think about was the "good times" and how I felt when I was with him. Then I would start to second guess myself if leaving was the right thing. So I wrote down all the horrible things he said to me along with the manipulation. The bad list was longer than the good. That was my light bulb moment. I went back to that list every time I had another "euphoric episode". 3 years later, all the good memories are practically non existent and I know for sure I made the right choice.

  • Ick list is a great idea since I do tend to remember the good times and for years I thought poor me I will never have fun again like I did with him. One day I made a big double batch of cookies to give to some friends and for a party. I went to pick up kids from swimming and came home to find all my cookies in the trash ! I asked him about the cookies and he told me he threw them away. I was told not to have fattening foods around since he was trying to keep his weight down. Another time he told me not to buy ice cream because he would be tempted to eat it. We were having friends over for dinner so I locked the ice cream in the freezer outside in the garage and did not tell him. When I went to get it, it was all but gone. He had prayed open the freezer with a screwdriver , ate it and blamed me for having it at home! He was irrational at times but the he would buy me jewelry or take me some place nice as an apology without saying “I’m sorry” I made excuses for him Now ten yrs after an ugly divorce I feel so much better about myself. But I do regret the 20 yrs I wasted with him. At least I got lifetime alimony. I love these videos to validate who I am!

  • Thanks for this video Dr. Ramani. It was very helpful. Could you please make a video about what phrases they usually use? Because I've heard that they all use the same or at least similar phrases to manipulate/gaslight us. Thank you!

  • No one can deliver the message about these icky people and experiences better than this talented woman…Thank you Dr. Ramani

  • My mother once said to me "I don't care about your boundaries", odd thing as well today there was something on TV about a mother giving oral sex to her son, my mother laughed, I told her I didn't see what was funny, my dad got mad at me. This is insanity. I wonder if the guy really has cataract. If he does have it, I know for a fact he exaggerates, one day he can see stuff the next day it's oh you know I can't see, the rages, then next day he sees different stuff. This is a coaco puff factory and I'm coocoo for puffs off the narcs gas.

  • Hello, I'm new to your channel. I love your content. Your have a fresh take on Narcissist. I appreciate your short intro I enjoy the fact you get right to the content. I can't tell you how many videos I turn off because the intro is way to long. Keep up the great work. I will be purchasing your new book and writhing a review for you.

  • What about narcissistic fleas. I made the mistake on the occasion to play dirty with my narc, I didn't like who I was becoming. We have broken up and got back together so many times it's embarrassing. All because I have trouble getting him out of my head. Weeks months go by and then before you know it we are back together. This last time however, I played it very cool, and in the end because of my auto immune disease, I lost interest sexually. I just hated having sex and kissing him. I have no idea why as this use to be what we loved. He was always harassing me for intimacy and I just couldn't, I kept pushing him away and asking him just to cuddle me. The devaluation started to kick in and then the public humiliation. I was so angry that I literally locked myself in my bedroom and sobbed so hard. He has never witnessed that in the 3 years we have known each other. The straw finally broke the camels back and it was from then on I detached and wanted out. It's ended again with him accusing me of "romancing with some one else". Then I told him what I thought he was via text. He brushed me off like I was nothing significant. And now silence. It's the ruminating I hate, and the fact that responds with such indifference. I knew he was a narcissist right from the start of our relationship. I thought I could outsmart him, but I believe his behavior triggers certain narcissistic tendencies within me, and then the game is on. This last time however, No, I have had enough. I really don't like him, he is delusional. I have never met anyone who is so incredibly immature. What gets me is that his ex wife is a drop dead gorgeous and a beautifully kind Doctor who is 12 years younger than him. I always figured that he must have something going for him for someone like her to marry him. I do believe she was miserable in the marriage and she was the one leaving him. I experienced the diluted version if him. That poor woman endured far more I dare say. I don't want him back in my life again. He is awful, but very generous with me. That's my weakness… I am learning though, it's not worth it. Thank Dr. Ramani I love your work.

  • Ironically I was also going through this exact euphoric recall, earlier today but i couldn't find the right words to express it or understand it and I was so upset at myself for feeling this way about my narcissistic ex. This video put my entire thoughts into perspective and now I understand this so much better. Thank you for this.

  • Dr. Ramani do you mind pleaaaase also covering the impacts it has when it is a narcissistic parent? I feel like it is a lot harder to recover from that, since they are present during your developmental years.

  • Formal request for a narcissistic housemate video🙏🏾😬🙏🏾 how to deal, whether it’s a parent, roomate, lover, friend?

  • One of the strangest things about them is you can live with them for years and have no clue who they are. No one would believe it. My father for example, I can't tell you a thing about him personally.

  • I really believe victims of narcissist display symptoms of Stockholm syndrome.I think it’s just a human coping mechanism

  • Best live your life happy & they off of your mind & forget them, cuz unlike you that are amazing & awesome just like them you are unforgettable like the song & like you Dr. Yeah, but maybe I should, cuz I am drawn back. What is hoovering again ! landlady yuck ick too ! You go sister ! Love that ending revelation. I share about you when I speak of my testimony to people !

  • So many items on the ick list !!! And they are icky I can feel the feeling I had when they where happening …. I would not be able to eat because the abuse was so confusing ! So that’s my cue if anyone makes me feel that way …. byeeeeeee

  • 21 years with my female Covert Narc everybody loves her. Grown-up kid and step kids used to love me, now after years of quarrels between my Narc and me,, they are attached closely to her and love her. More distant to me. We have been living separately for 8 years, I moved out. After some months I was hoovered and we became friends and lovers.

  • I was married to my ex for 15 years. He had a long term affair with his high school sweetheart. Told me that she had anal sex with him & he 'total respected her for it'. It was something I wouldn't do. He never respected me cause we had sex on the first date. He said he would respect me if I would have anal sex with him.
    He worked two jobs & I never suspect he was having an affair. She showed up every where we went – church, grocery store, toy store…. There were other signs, but he always said I was the bad guy in our relationship. I was too busy proving I was worthy. Im not a jealous person.
    He told me that everything wrong in our marriage was my fault, I needed to fix it. That there was nothing wrong with him. He never said sorry, never admitted to any wrong doing.
    He wouldn't let me see my family. He said my mom was the reason I was a bad person. That I didn't know any better.
    He is a very charming guy. He loved to belittle me in front of his friends. His favorite thing would be to tell me I was a liar in front of everyone. He told his friends & family I was having affairs. They treated me bad. I never had an affair. He would talk to my friends about my flaws & sometimes he would have my friends or neighbors come & tell me what I needed to do.
    He claims he is religious & talks about religion often.
    He talks non-stop about himself & his business. Hes not interested in any thing else.
    He says Im jealous of him. I asked him what I was jealous of, he said I already knew.
    He used my oldest son to spy on me, while we were married & after. Our arguments were always in front of the kids. He said he didnt want to eat my food because I was trying to poison him. We ate out all the time.
    He was late all the time. I waited 2 hours for him one time. Never again….
    I divorced him 22 years ago. We have 3 kids. If I took the kids phone away, he would buy them a new one. If I corrected my kids, he would call & correct me. He told the school I was a bad parent , etc…. Thats only the half of it.
    I encourage all women to get out before you have kids. Dont invest anything with a narcissist.
    I have regretted laying eyes on him. My life has been terrible. My kids dont love me. My middle son speaks to me, the other two dont. My health is bad & I have a broken heart. I am a broken person. I know I am going to heaven & that is a comfort to me.

  • euphoric? no its not euphoric. when u love somebody and she is not part of yer life its the opposit of being euphoric. but i dont talk about a "narcissist" i talk about a woman of a secret society who had the order to destroy me. so actually its a form of lovepain or may be a dissapointment? but u have to ignore and forget and to go on. or u can correct the picture u had about a human which was obviously wrong. still i dont know what a narcissist shall be. u cant tell me.

  • Well I must be weird bc I am ONLY remembering all the bad crap he put me through. Not once have I thought about any good things about him. I guess I’m just an odd ball and that’s okay with me. However it’s time for me to stop dwelling on the past and all the bad stuff and start looking forward to my new life and starting anew very soon here

  • Hi, just want to say thank you for your videos, they are really helping me to open my eyes
    Is any way that I communicate privately?
    Like email?
    I live in NY but I’m in LA every week for work
    Thank you 😀

  • I can't believe that anyone who has suffered egregious child abuse goes through euphoric recall. Fear or terror is what we're stuck with. We already know that love bombing isn't real – at all.

  • Actually, could you do a video that address the people who think of only the dark things the narcissist has done, one where it infiltrates sleep (as nightmares and not being able to sleep), day-mares (triggers), fear (shutting in)?

  • Hello Dr. Ramiani! I am so worried about my brother who I believe is married to a narcissist. She got pregnant at age 14 to a boy in high school. They married and had their son at 15 and a second son with him at 18 or 19. They moved to his mother and father's house. The parents took care of the kids as she went out dancing and then they died 3 months of each other. The young couple took the share of his father and mother's estate and bought a home of their own. They were 24 years old at the time with two boys ages 9 and 5. A year later she took him to family court for abuse and wanted no alimony but just the house. She went to the state and they gave her welfare and a full ride to a very good 4 year college for Marketing and she made Cum laude. She also learned to play the flute and guitar. My brother, a musician and graduate from a music school, fell head over heals for her and told us all about her awful upbringing and how she survived her husbands abuse and on and on. We all thought WOW, this girl has some issues but look how she's doing. We all fed the lion BIG TIME!! My brother, the rescuer empath and forgiver, dated her for 10 years. She couldn't get married until her kids got a free college education. Then she said she needed dental insurance so it was time to marry. My brother has worked as a teacher for years, is in a band and has 9 apartments from three homes. They married and I wasn't invited to be in the wedding, my brothers only sister, because I was too big for the dresses she picked out so she had my son as a ring bearer instead. My brother NEVER says anything. She forges ALL his checks and forms. He signs NOTHING and is glad not to. And he trusts her so he doesn't even know what he has in his account. Now, I could go on about his money and her kids, but the problem is that she is hunting my brother and I down like a wolf for our inheritance. My brother put our fathers house, on the ocean, in my name only after 2 years of marriage once my dad passed. He said he thought she may divorce him. Now 14 years later I am caring for our 85 year old mother and she is calling me about my mom's finances and said on the phone that my mom wasn't all cognitively there. My question is if you have a video or information on the Naccissitc spouse and money or finances. I don't even know if my brother is aware that there has been two tax liens on his properties. He has NO interest in knowing anything about his money. He works like a slave and she teaches arobics twice a week. He can't even come visit his ailing mother unless she allows him to.. His famous words are "I'm too busy"!! Thanks for any input. K

  • It’s sad 😢 that I don’t have no good memories of him out of 23 years , nothing but bad , drugs, cheating, lying 🤥, manipulating. Just trying to tear me down emotionally physically and mentally.

  • Fortunately the day after we got married, all the red flags I saw beforehand came to life with such blinding truth before my very eyes.
    Because of my biblical convictions, I continued in the relationship for 8 years until, Creator intervened on my behalf. But before I was set free, I had to endure much confusion, even to the point of feeling like I was going to go off the deep end. Many valuable hard lessons but very much needed. I definitely put myself to blame for not addressing all those red flags beforehand.
    When the Bible says, don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers, I believe the essence of what this verse is about, is someone who is not committed to a loving relationship with Creator.
    Understanding our creator as a compassionate yet very holy Heavenly Father who engages our thoughts with much sincerity

  • Since you always do stuff on narcissists you might want to look into the crazy and current YouTube drama of Onision, who I cannot imagine is not a narcissist. Anyhow, happy hunting on that one.

  • Thank you Dr. Ramani. I have slipped and started talking to him.
    I will make that list and he really wouldn’t let me cook with garlic and laughed at the wreath I got for our door. and so much more,

  • Ick list….he called me a pig 2 weeks after we got married., accused me of wanting to screw my brother-in-law(gross), called my business partners and made up a lie saying I stole from them, found a naked picture of me and sent it to my email calling me a pig yet again, he almost killed us driving 120mph on the freeway during an argument, the list goes on and on. Truth is he stole 20,000 from me before we were even married,.he wanted the money from the sale of my house, and was mad he wasn't entitled to it. Our divorce just became legal Nov 12 2019. Our relationship lasted 1 year…Biggest nightmare of my life. I still am shellshocked, having anxiety and insomnia that I didn't have before. These people really can mess you up.

  • I've been wondering whether a healthy person may develop sociopathic traits due to prolonged or lifelong contact with a highly narcissistic person?

  • How certain is it, that they cheat in periods with silence and withdrawl. I have experienced long periods of this cold distance where he is impossible to reach and often wondered if he is cheating in these periods, but never caught him. He is very intelligent and through his work have had all oppertunity to cheat without me having a chance of finding out. My instinct tells me he is but …..

  • My ex gave me an envelope full of happy pictures of us two the same day he threatened me and blackmailed me. I truly don't believe he is a narcisist, but I still had to cut ties with him after that day. it hurts

  • Here on german youtube channels are diagnosed narcissists who give interviews and share their way of thinking. Is ut possible that diagnosed NPDs have so much insight? or could it be another way of getting attention ? They share how much they suffer and how much the world was mean to them and they get a lot of pity from comments on their videos. Somehow it seems false.

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