Every teenager NEEDS to hear this

The people you are hanging out with are not your friends I want you to ask yourself this question Are they raising you up or pushing you down? Are they helping you grow or holding you back? You have something special inside of you? I can see it But I feel like the people you hang around they have their own agendas And I’ve had people like this in my life before people who wanted to get close to me Use me to get what they wanted and then once they got it they left so you can’t call everybody your friend the word friend Comes from a European word friend meaning to love these people. They don’t. Love you they don’t belong in your squad a Squad is a team of people who you go to war with they fight with you you fight with them you fight together See a true friend isn’t somebody who who makes your problems disappear? But they are the ones who won’t disappear when you face problems. See fake friends are like shadows They’re around you during the brightest times, but they disappear during the darkest times. So I’m gonna tell you this it’s better to walk alone at night than with a fake friend and the light better a Enemy attack you then a fake friend hug? You see I know sometimes it’s fun hanging out with them you laugh you joke But see I don’t mean much it’s easy to be friends when things are going well But what about when things ain’t going well Oprah said everybody want to ride with you in a limo But what about when that limo breaks down and it’s cold? Who’s gonna be there with you on the side of the road? Who’s gonna be there to carry your bags with you is you got to walk home see? I don’t want to preach but your life is Dependent on two things the people you hang out with and the books you read Do not stunt your growth by hanging out with the wrong crowd. I’m gonna say it again You have a gift inside of you. You gotta answer that call Because it’s not gonna rain forever the more time you spend with these people the less time Gonna have to bring that gift out. I know you may say it don’t matter It don’t matter they don’t affect me and to that. I want to ask you this What’s the easiest way to catch a cold you hang out with somebody with a cold, right? Well, what’s the easiest way to catch a negative mindset you hang out with somebody with a negative mindset? The energy you hang around it matters. You can’t hang around energy vampires They say people come into your life for a reason a season or a lifetime See, I believe these so called friends you have their season has passed and it’s your season Now where you flourish where you grow and you become exactly who you were always meant to be You

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