Ex Mormon: Learning how to Swear? (Postmormon)

fish fish okay crystal listen you’ve
been embarrassing me because sometimes you know you’ll break something or hurt
something or and you swear but it ain’t working like you swear like like a
Mormon like so I’m gonna actually teach you how to swear okay so I’m gonna put a
word on the board and then I want you to pronounce or okay alright ready first
one you’ll find this useful in your everyday life you know you need to be
able to swear okay crystal you see the word what does it set yes shit shit shit sake say just take off the Yaqui shit next C but thumb button box bottom speaking okay the next one dog female
dog bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch fish yeah yeah okay h-e-l-l-o No use it in a sentence Oh My heck
oh my double eighty wait no say hell yes heck yes I’m getting better any better
on it okay the next one are you ready d hey ah dang it
shoot using the sentence beavers build began very good okay now all we’re gonna
do is add an end essentially the same word but what does it say damn it damn
whoo but n is silent ready say it damn it
damn it say damn it oh I can’t see this one sing
it good shit bitch help final swearword are
you ready you thought that was the big one yeah that’s not the big no-no word
here it is oh and a victory for Satan what does this say the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter day Saints more message in Jesus Christ LDS cult more than George of Jesus
Christ Jesus I can’t say it I don’t want to go to hell no four men book of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints the Tabernacle Choir at turtle
square the tactic the wait time the tabernac
like the teller the tabernacle it it’s ever nickel quiet simple sweater
Tabernacle Choir double square never knuckle choir at Temple Square it’s a
tongue twister Oh you

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