From Cadet to Constable

CADET: My name is Emily Wilkinson and I am
a cadet with the Toronto Police Service CADET: Hi, my name is Chris Priebe and I’m
going to 41 Division. CADET: In about a weeks time I’ll be off to
Traffic Services. CADET: My name is Andrea Yepes and I’ll be
going to 14 Division CADET: I will be going to the 11 Division
in about a week and a half. Chris: Prior to becoming a police officer
I worked for Ontario Power generation as a Nuclear Response Force Member. Zsofia: I was part of the Canadian Olympic
team for the 2012 Olympic Games. Thushanth: I was YIPI student with the Toronto
Police Service back in 2006, which was the year the YIPI program first started. Andrea: I was a coach for the Silver Knights
basketball club. I coached boys from JK to grade 10. Emily: I was a university student in Brisbane,
Australia and I was also a nanny. Andrea: I know it’s a cheesy answer, but to
me, I’ve always wanted to be a police officer since I was a little kid so… my dream came
true. Zsofia: I’ve been wanting to be a police officer
from the youngest age I can remember. Chris: This is what I studied in college,
it was a big interest for me. Thushanth: I used to see police officers drive
by a lot in the area I grew up in and I always wondered what they were doing or every time
they had their lights and sirens going, where were they going to? What kind of call? It’s
a job that is different it’s not really routine. Andrea: I just thought they were just so cool.
I mean the fact that you went after the bad guys and you know, arrested people, and riding
in the police cars. I just thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world. Emily: Policing is something I’ve always wanted
to do, I’ve always felt the need to help people and be involved in my community as much as
possible. Andrea: Definitely just getting to know my
Division and my platoon. I mean I am so nervous I don’t know what to expect, but just getting
there and getting my hands on and see what’s happening and what’s gonna happen. Thushanth: I just can’t wait to receive my
badge this coming Wednesday and hit the road. And be exposed to the world of policing.

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