67 thoughts on “FULL DEBATE: Gubernatorial candidates Schuette, Whitmer face off in debate

  • Gretchen Whitmer talks just like Hillary Clinton and Bill Schuette is George W. Bush. They both suck! If Whitmer wins it's going to be Granholm all over again and if Schutte wins it's going to be a 3rd term of Snyder whose been a total disaster!

  • We need to make paying school taxes EQUAL. Rich areas will always have better schools if they're paying more school taxes. We need to level the playing field.

  • Whitmer: You used millions in taxpayer dollars to fight against LGBT+ rights.
    Schuette: I was raised by a single mom and two sisters.

  • He should be debating Dr Abdul. We had a chance to vote in a person not beholden to big business and here we got more of the same. On both sides.

  • Bill may have killed himself in this race by not denying that he voted to allow drilling in the great lakes! He pivoted. Nobody with a brain wants that to ever happen!

  • Schuette's Gubernatorial Platform: "In her 14 Years in legislature, only 3 bills….Governor Granholm…Extreme Taxes…Lost Decade…send us backward, she'll gouge your wallet" I think he's crammed those talking points in the majority of his answers. If you asked him how his day was he'd probably reply with a similar answer. A candidate that uses those points as a crutch has a weak platform instead of actually talking policy. He sounds like a broken record, he actually had some decent answers towards the end of the debate but leans too much on those points instead of actually answering the questions. Even though I'm not the largest fan of Whitmer, she actually answered questions competently, instead of just regurgitating the same points over and over that Schuette was spewing.

  • Bill says reward the schools that excel. All I hear is, leave the failing schools fail. Nice Billy boy. The fact is we NEED to actually HELP the schools that need it the most! Idiot!

  • Schuette: Whitmer will raise your taxes.


    Put a state tax on my pension at $133.00 a month.

    Raised registration & plate fee’s on Michigan Vehicles 20%

    Passed right to work ( for less ) after he swore he would never do it.

    – stop telling lies Schuette, and stop bringing up Granholm, she is so eight years ago, during the crash of 2007-08.

  • Oh Gretchen. Please. You are running to deliver bennies and payoff to every group that pledges fealty. In my experience that comes at the expensive of anyone outside of those groups.in not jumping for joy at the thought of Schuette, but he like Snyder will try to help all by solidly growing the economic pie. What plan or vote has she ever advanced that was not in keeping with that assessment.

    OMG further in. So I'm paying 3% for the raise, I'm paying taxes for the roads even though my taxes went up already for roads and that money was diverted, I'm paying for able bodied people to get health care, I'm paying for anyone to go to school for two years. I'm paying for sanctuary cities and more pre-k schooling. How on earth are we-saying for all that. I can't afford that.

  • Later Bill. Take your millions and hit it . He never did a damn thing for us. He knows he responsible for the flint water issue. Car insurance is our second largest bill a month. I believe Whitmer can can do this!

  • Ps Ms Whitmer every plan advanced by Republicans protected pre-existing conditions. That you and Stevens and slotkin continue to lie about that makes me honestly angry.

    As for ending Obamacare, that expansion was a joke. First off, many of those people ALREADY qualified which speaks to issues at DHS. when they don't tell you information or worse, baldly lie, there is no repercussions. Look at the homeless woman who was arrested for using the address where she filed for help instead of where she normally parked her van so her child could go to a better school. She had no home so she thought she could pick wherever. She went to jail but my question was why the hell was there no repercussions for the agent that saw the paperwork and let it go in that way. Her job was to help and she represents the state, so why didn't the state have to pay off the district for any "theft of services" and stand behind his their agent managed this woman's case. Instead our taxes paid for the daughters education to be disrupted/lessened, we paid for mom to be in jail, mom was likely longer on social services coming out of jail and we paid for the daughter in foster care. So none of those people that already qualified needed the aca to get care. Then you find that many didn't want it and without the mandate it was dropped. By the time you take those folks out, you added care for probably about 200k but cost workers thousands.

  • His ideas for public education are downright scary. Really? A grading system for schools? How about we have a grading system for the support schools get from their government officials? The GOP policy has made the teaching profession so difficult. No wonder there is a teacher shortage. It's amazing how short-sighted these assholes really are. Or maybe the DeVos money is just so good they don't care.

  • Speaking of taxes, our 4.25% Income Tax violates ARTICLE 9, SECTION 7 of the Michigan Constitution. www.ustpm.org

  • American citizens receive appx $20B/year in government assistance. Meanwhile, "undocumented" immigrants receive appx $80B/year.

  • Teachers are literacy coaches. Parents are literacy coaches. The government cannot mandate literacy scores. We need to simplify education and bring back discipline in the classrooms.

  • Schuette is a pathetic debater and Whitmer is a hateful ideologue. Todd Schleiger would crush them BOTH he was allowed to debate.

  • It's NOT a choice between 2 people, but 6! We have six ballot qualified candidates for governor which include Todd Schleiger, Bill Gelineau, Jennifer Kurland, and Keith Butkovich.

  • In regards to education why don't we just change the curriculum to strengthen the Mind Body and Soul, and have everyone have the same education? Kids need activities on top of their academics especially since most of them on their cell phone.

  • I was doing a project and presentation about bill schuette and i realised how stupid he is and if i was old enough i would vote for whitmer. He is probobly gonna cause at least to good memes, my mom doesn't really pay attention so she counts on my brother and me to tell her to vote for but mainly my brother because he is 15 and I'm 12 so… I'm definetly telling her to vote for whitmer.

  • Instead of debates where everyone tells me what they may do in the future, what if there was a debate where the candidate's TRUE past history is explored by two un biased people that will reference each person's record per question.

  • If Gretchen wins we will have higher taxes on everything. It’s just what Democrats do. People will leave the state

  • Funny…………." answer the questions you care about."

    No…the questions WE ( the media ) were allowed by democrats to select for the debate. Such BS.

  • Bill has been in government for 30 years we need new faces new ideas because it has been 30 years of the same crap.

  • He is a talking point robot. He fought medical marijuana his whole time in the AG office. He has no clue what would help us. Whitmer is poised and well spoken. He repeats and repeats. She talks with a passion. Sadly shuette has no chance against someone that is well spoken. Going through the front door of the white house??? That is one of the greatest lines in a debate!

  • To be honest both of these candidates have had some successes and failures in their previous posts but I am supporting Gretchen Whitmer. I think she's the person for the job of Governor of the great Midwestern State of Michigan. #BlueWave #DemocratsTakeBackMichigan2018

  • 15-16 minute range:
    Environmental/climate change question is posed. Whitmer sticks to it, Schuette goes off on a tangent about the auto plants being part of the economic recovery. Totally different subject.

  • Schuette: Are you going to actually answer the questions or keep repeating the same damn thing? You're getting owned in both these debates because you're a broken record. You just lost a vote.

  • We all know by now that Schutte is all done. No more poisoning citizens. You are done Schuette. You time is over. The electorate in Michigan spoke loud & clear. They do not want you!!! You are done. You are out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • The fact is she is a bluff said she wouldn’t put a tax on gas , she did , she has fix any of the roads , she hasn’t solve the flint problem , and took away jobs from ecig company, put this state back on cigs nice job Michigan u did this to yourself

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