Generations React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Summer Hacks – Do They Work?)

– After some time,
which is not five minutes! – It’s nice.
It’s actually quite satisfying. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, is this like
the five minute crafts? These are so weird. Like I never understand them. – Five minute crafts,
please don’t make me! Oh my gosh. – I’ve had that happen. – Sometimes you buy
a really cheap pair of sandals, and they just break on you. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, that’s genius! – Innovative ways
to make something work. – You know what my solution
to that problem is? A, buy more expensive flip flops, and B, replace them! – These are just like
summer beach hacks? Ah, nice! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, that’s smart! – That’s pretty smart. Like, that’s, I would do that. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Okay, soothing gel, okay, and then they’re probably
gonna put it in the freezer. – Aloe’s actually really good
for that kinda stuff, so I feel like, this will
not take five minutes though. That’s not the way freezing works. – Tell your roomates
that they’re aloe vera cubes. – Now that’s just plain old smart. – That’s gonna make a hot mess. Pour the aloe out and put it on. – Oh no, you know that feeling
when you can’t get on your bike? Oh shoot, there goes the bike! – You know how many girls
don’t have hair ties, so they’re always asking
another girl for it? This just doesn’t work. Who has a coin on them? Where’d she get the coin from?
I don’t see a wallet or a pocket. – Just wear some shorts
under your dress, and you’ll be good. – Oh man, makes like a romper.
Yeah! (laughs) That is cool. – Beer box cooler? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, that’s a cool idea. – That’s pretty neat right there. That might be something I might do. – They were great! I mean, just easy and practical, and they’re all common sense, but you just don’t think of it. – These five minute crafts
are so click-baity, that I would never use them. – (FBE) So we have some more
videos to show you in a second, but those were videos
that come from the DIY YouTube channel
5-Minute Crafts. – Yes, yes, I love it.
I love those videos. – I’m gonna start subscribing to that. – I have seen them roasted,
more than I have appreciated. – (FBE) All of these crafts
featured in this episode are summer hacks.
– Okay, cool, cool, cool. I mean, it is the summer.
It’s gettin’ hot. So yeah, I think sometimes
we may need a few of these hacks. – (FBE) Well we also wanted to see
if you could take on one of these crafts yourself,
so we’ve selected one of the crafts from the videos
that we’re showing you for you to recreate. – Okay, that’ll be fun!
Let’s see if it actually works though. – (FBE) So for you,
you are actually gonna be recreating the broken flip flop
soda can hack. – Okay. (laughs)
I’ll do that. I have a lot of flip flops. – How does she do that so fast? – Hey! – Oh that’s not gonna happen. Okay, unless I cut it.
(record scratches) – See, I knew this wouldn’t work,
’cause it’s metal, you know? Don’t try this at home. – Oh, it does cut. (laughs) And then you go like this. It works! – Okay. That makes sense! But you have to be careful
not to cut your finger. (record scratches)
– I’m gonna let the professionals stick to this,
I think I’m done with that. That’s just not gonna work. – Oh a fan, okay. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – That’s too much work for me. (laughs) Go to the 99 cent store. – I’m even going through menopause
and have hot flashes, and I wouldn’t do that bull[bleep]. – That’s super cool, and then you could do it,
really decorate it. – Oh, make a little fan jawn. Yeah, that’s nice right there. Oh, definitely could use that
on the beach. – Be very careful
with that box cutter. – Oh my gosh. I don’t know why these
make me so irritated, but they really, clearly do. – Oh, it’s supposed to
attract bugs or something? – After some time,
which is not five minutes! My point exactly! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh no, oh no, my floatie,
and I don’t know how to swim! That’s why I got in the water so far! This is the acting that you’d see
in like ’80s infomercials. – You know what the problem is? You bought cheap [bleep]
to begin with, and so it broke at the seam. – Is it just melting
the plastic together? Huh, okay,
that’s pretty clever actually. – I didn’t know you could do that,
but it makes sense. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – It’s like a good like home crafts
kinda thing today, you know? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, okay. I feel like that would be
very flimsy, like it would just come off, unless you’re holding
the balloon down the whole time. – That’s something children
would enjoy. – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.
The kids might like that. – That’s fun.
This is a five minute craft that you could make a couple
for your kids, and then they can play. This is the only genuine thing
I’ve seen in this whole video. – I really love them. I like the fact that, you know,
you’re reusing, recycling. A lot of times when
we want something to work, or we want to improve on something,
we think about going to the store, spending money to buy something
to make something work, when there could be things
at your fingertips around your house, around the kitchen. – (FBE) We want you to try
to make the ping pong launcher. – Oh okay, cool yeah. I’m probably gonna get frustrated,
but let’s do it! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Make a hole at the bottom.
Alright. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Alright. Let’s see if it takes me five minutes. – Take the balloon, and you just like
stretch over the cup. – Bam. – I’m so nervous if it doesn’t work,
I have failed in life. That was so sad. – It worked! That was pretty fun,
that’s pretty cool. It’s nice.
It’s actually quite satisfying. – These cups bend very easily. So maybe if you do it
with like a harder cup or something it would work better, but, I would just go the dollar store, and for the same amount of money
that it took me to buy the cups and the balloons, like,
it’s the same. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Uh oh.
Absolut, Absolut! Wait, she puttin’ it under
her underarms? – No, that’s a waste of alcohol! – Okay, you can smell like
a drunk instead? – Been doin’ that for years. – Need an underwater camera? – Oh, I’ve seen this one before.
This is fun. It’s just like, just don’t drop it. – Yeah, nothing bad can come of that. – I mean, the photos
that came out look nice. – Yeah, that’s interesting. I could talk to my grandchildren
about that. – The standard
five minute craft just upbeat fake rave music. – Aw a little cat heart. – I just don’t understand, you’re gonna have me
do this God damn one. – Oh, my daughter wanted a tattoo. I’ll tell her about that. – Isn’t that a waste of your eyeliner? ‘Cause like look how much
is on her temporary tattoo, and look how much
people actually use on their eye. – A pool noodle? (laughs) For a wine glass holder? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – If I brought wine
to a party like that, I’d lose all my friends. – Oh, now that is interesting. – Okay, we just,
that wine one, I’m gonna do that,
oh my goodness. – DIY toilet! (laughs) – Oh please, that’s disgusting. – Don’t tell me what that is. I don’t wanna know
that that’s a pee bucket. Get the God damn pee bucket. – That’s another great idea,
the you just, the bag. I feel so stupid
when I watch these. It’s like, I can’t think of one. I just don’t have that kinda brain. – I love them.
I love, honestly, could watch them
all day long. I really like sometimes
throw some things out, and I’m like, I feel so terrible
and I go how do they get recycled? How do they get reused? But watching these,
and I do watch them a lot, really gives you so many ideas. – (FBE) So for this one,
we want you to try to recreate the eyeliner tattoo.
– Okay. I don’t have my eyeliner with me,
but… (laughs) – (FBE) Well don’t worry,
’cause we got some stuff for ya. – Awesome! – I’ll do my version of a kitty. Okay, gotta get little ears,
and the head. – A heart, and then, DIY. There we go! That’s what I wanna be seen
at the pool with. – Lala.
It’s my wife’s name in Hawaiian. – I mean yeah, it’s still there. Should I try rubbing it
to see if it comes off? Oh yeah, that did not work.
That was… Easy five minute hacks! Your own temporary tattoo. It’s so temporary, it’ll only last
until you put it in the water. – (gasps) Oh, it works! – I’m gonna be having
many more tattoos now, I can just do a temporary tattoo
and then wash it away. That’s great!
That really works! – (FBE) So the YouTube channel
that features these compilations is called 5-Minute Crafts. So after watching all these videos
and creating some of the hacks, do you think that the name is fitting
for how long these take? – Uh, yeah.
I mean, it didn’t take you a lot to fix something and do it. – I think it’s perfect
for how long it takes. I think it’s a good concept. – Probably even less than that
once you know how to do it. But I mean, that didn’t take
more than five minutes, and it was fun! – It took me like 30 seconds,
and then another 10 for it to be completely ruined. So I think,
an actual name for it would be like 40 second crap. – No, 5-Minute Crafts
should change their name to Waste of Time Crafts. The only ones that aren’t five minutes
are literally just normal things that people do. – (FBE) The channel itself
has a massive amount of views with over 14 billion across YouTube, and over 30 million followers
on Instagram. – Yeah, that’s massive. Well yeah, because these like,
I see these videos a lot just kinda scrolling,
’cause they’re like quick bites. – (FBE) Why do you think
so many people watch this type of content? – Literally have no clue. Maybe to give them ideas or something,
but I don’t know, man. Just go outside
and get some ideas. – Entertainment, for sure. Like, I know so many people
who like clown these hacks and videos that they make, or like they just make
little jokes out of it. – I watch it because I’m like
oh, I’m gonna see like what from this things that they show me,
like actually work for me. But you have to go through
all of them, because they’re so fast, it can’t be like, sometimes you skip
in a YouTube video to see something. They’re just one after the other,
so they make you watch everything. – Lot of times you have tools, equipment, products,
right in front of you. You’re in a situation, circumstance,
you’re, how to handle the situation, resolve the problem,
is right in front of you. It’s a matter of being quiet
and looking around. – (FBE) Finally, do you think
you’ll be trying any of these and searching more hacks this summer? – No. I think it would be more of a hassle
than a hack. – I’m gonna watch this channel,
’cause I just am amazed at what people come up with. – I’m gonna search them,
especially the one with the kids, making the toys and stuff. – I’m gonna subscribe to the channel,
and I’ll definitely try the hacks. – I probably won’t try these, but they’re fun to watch
when they come up. – You want me to be honest with you?
No. Some of the crafts that I looked at,
it wasn’t really worth my while. – I’m gonna keep watching them
even after summer’s over. I’m just, I’m gonna watch them,
and I hate it, ’cause I save a lot of them,
and then I never do them. – No, I don’t. If I have a problem,
I typically throw money at it. So if I have a problem
with my flip flops, I don’t think oh, let me go get
a soda can and dut dut dut. – Absolutely not. It’s a waste of time! Like, I have so many other things
to do this summer, instead of like twiddle my thumbs
and get them cut. You know how many of those
they use like exacto knives? I’m still a child,
so I will not be using that. – Thanks for watching
this crafty episode of Generations React,
shout out to Roseberry. – If you liked our crafts,
then hit that like button. – Hey everyone, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure you check out
our other channel FBE2, which is more than just
behind the scenes, and you get to meet
all the people that help put these episodes together. Plus, we livestream every single week. Bye guys,
see ya there!

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