George Brown College – School of ESL, Evening and Saturday Classes

[music] IAN WIGGLESWORTH: The School
of ESL is really proud of the continuing education
courses that we offer during the evening and on Saturdays. I think that what we have
seen is the students really improve their language
proficiency. We have a range of courses
so students are placed in the appropriate level and
then they study with people who are of
the same proficiency. EMAN GLESSA: The whole program
is done in a very simple way for us to be — to approach
and to understand. It takes you, like,
through steps very easily. Within one semester
you feel the difference without even, like, feeling that
you really did something. HAMIDREZA KAMALI: In the school,
I saw many of the teachers were very familiar
with the other cultures. They could connect with the
student from every culture. LISA ROMAIN: Our program
is challenging but at the same time we aim to make
sure that our students feel with a sense of accomplishment. That they feel that they can
speak and perform in English in a way that’s gonna meet
whatever need it is that they have. [music]

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