Get Ahead | University of Colorado Continuing Education

I’ve always been really driven. Both of
my parents are extremely driven people they both grew up poor and I value that
they work so hard so they can provide me an education. Coming to CU I just
really wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of my college
experience. I knew that I wanted to get a double major and I knew I wanted to have
a few minors, and I knew I wanted to study abroad. and I also knew I wanted to work
most the time. I would take Continuing Education classes at night so I’d have a bolt up
Monday through Thursday and then so I’d be able to work as much as I could on
the weekends. Continuing Education classes helped me study abroad take me to
opposite sides of the world and still be able to accomplish everything I wanted
to when I came back. I’ve been working for Uber and Lyft.
Since I’m in a college town I get a lot of of students I’m picking up and that’s
great because I get to meet a lot of new people and give them tips like I’ll tell
them to look into Continuing Education and use that as a strategy to maximize
your course schedules. My majors are English literature and
studio art. When I’m throwing on the wheel, I feel very emotional. I love working
with my hands and feeling the clay my fingers knowing the materials and how
they can be affected in the kiln, that forces me to embrace the impredictability. It feels like I finally have a little bit of time to reflect on
everything that I have been doing and take a step back and say what is all this
for? College really forms who you are as a person. Whatever I choose to do it
doesn’t matter what major I am because it’s the person who I am, that’s what

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