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Hi, my name is Rajani. I am a fourth year student double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, and minoring in Biology So it’s important to remember that in any classroom 1 professor may have 500 students whereas 1 student only has 1 professor It’s much easier for you to connect with them than for them to connect with you It’s not that they don’t want to they do they are just waiting for you to approach them It’s also important to keep in mind that professors are just like us just with a couple of more degrees and years of experience in teaching but they play video games just like us, they go out with their families just like us and they still need to do their grocery shopping just like us So try not to feel afraid or overwhelmed or intimidated
going up to a professor because they are just
like you and they want to talk to you just like
you want to talk to them Hi my name is Souraiya I am a graduate of the University of Toronto Scarborough I studied the concurrent teaching education program in which I also did a specialist for French and a minor in History How I managed my time would be with a reward system With studying you have a lot of time in which
you have to dedicate to school, of course,
that’s your main focus and the reason why you’re in university but you want the time to kind of relax and watch your favourite shows or go out with your friends or play a game of soccer or hockey or what have you I would kind of set my time out that if I did this amount of studying I would get this amount of reward time So for every about 2 hours of studying I would watch about a half hour of a show that I liked or went for a walk someone, a friend or I would take the time to do something for myself so don’t forget that just when you are
studying you shouldn’t forget yourself and don’t neglect your personal health and things that you enjoy in life because that’s the reason that we live so have fun My name is Vivian I’m going into my fourth year doing a specialist in neuroscience I don’t like cheese on my pizza One of the academic challenges I faced in first year was the transitioning between studying differently in high school and in university I was always a memorizer so information came really easily to me I would just read and then I would memorize facts after facts but I found that when I was in university that wasn’t going to cut it anymore because a lot of the information being tested wasn’t on facts but more about the application of what we learned To overcome that I had to learn to study differently and in order to do that I would have to review all of my notes over and over again whether or not I felt I was comfortable with it or not and I would just keep doing it until I could repeat it in my own words If my little sister understood it then that means I would too Work hard and play hard If you’re going to be studying then study
and put away everything ’cause you won’t be able to multi-task If you’re going out with friends focus on that If you’re going to do something, put your all in that

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