Gonzaga Business Students Reflect on Meeting Warren Buffett

The first time I got to meet him was
when he went down to a table to eat lunch and it was amazing because
everyone was surrounding him just trying to get every ounce of wisdom that they
could. That was pretty amazing and then when we went to get our picture taken
with just the Gonzaga group he shook each one of our hands and he was so warm
and friendly. We just felt comfortable around him immediately. His sense of
humor, he’s just a really easy guy to be around. There was no intimidation. There was no kind of, this guy was bigger than anyone
else in the room. First the whole group got photos with him, and then one of the
girls in our group asked if we could get one with just him. I got a picture and I’m
right next to him and it was just like really crazy to think that. He talked
a lot about how there needs to be more women in investing and in finance. Having
him tell us that was really cool to hear. Warren Buffett really talked about whatever
your specific passion is invest yourself fully in that, and love it, and work hard
to be persistent toward that. If you invest yourself in it, then you’ll be
happy. He really focused on happiness. I also felt really proud to be a Zag. We
were one of two schools on the West Coast and the only school in the
Northwest that was at this event and I think it really differentiates Gonzaga to
other schools. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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