Grad Student Appreciation Week Video

Text on screen: “For Graduate Student Appreciation Week” “The University of Illinois Graduate College presents” “OPERATION: BANNER MANNERS” Mike and Emily appear for their mission and nod. “Emily Wuchner, Code Name: EMILY” “Mike Firmand, Code Name: MIKE” Wojtek Chodjko-Zajko, Dean of the Graduate College appears and removes his sunglasses. “The Dean” gives Mike and Emily a mysterious banner. Mike and Emily bask in the glow of this banner. Wojtek nods to Mike and Emily, they know what to do. Mike and Emily put on their sunglasses and leave the room. The Dean looks at the camera now with his sunglasses on and smiles. Our mission begins. Text on Screen: “Operation: BANNER MANNERS begins in 3, 2, 1” Mike jumps into frame. Emily jumps into frame. Mike inspects the banner. Mike and Emily are revealed to be in front of Alma Mater. Emily takes a selfie to see if this is a good spot to reveal the now seen, “I love Grad Students” banner. Dean Wojtek is seen in his office working, when hands appear on screen to have him sign papers. He gets the text from Emily, and texts her that, “This is not the right spot”. The hands with papers to sign all appear again and Wojtek goes back to work. Emily receives Wojtek’s message and pouts in disappointment. Mike does the same. Mike jumps into frame. Emily jumps into frame. Mike inspects the banner for the selfie. It is revealed that Mike and Emily are at the Hallene Gateway on campus. Emily takes another selfie to send to the Dean. Mike keeps holding the banner. Emily receives another, “no” text from the Dean. Frustrated, Emily and Mike want to try one more spot. Mike jumps into frame. Emily jumps into frame. Mike thinks this spot will be great, the University of Illinois Main Quad. Emily takes another selfie. This one should work. Mike revels in the job well done. Emily receives a, “nope” text from the Dean. And both Mike and Emily give up. Emily sits on the ground, defeated. Cheerful music has stopped playing. Until she notices something right in front of her. It is revealed that there are banners gloriously hanging at the Illini Union. Emily gets up and takes the banner from Mike in the blink of an eye. Mike is confused. Emily sprints to the Illini Union, Mike follows as we fade to black. The next day. The “I love Grad Students” banner has finally found it’s home at the Union. Mike and Emily gaze at its beauty and fist bump to celebrate their hard work. Suddenly, Dean Wojtek appears behind Mike and Emily. Just like them he is amazed. Dean Wojtek: “Wow! That’s excellent! Our students are going to love that for Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Wait a minute. It does seem a little crooked on the left side. I don’t know, maybe I’m being a little picky; but it’s important that we get this right. Mike and Emily, shaking their heads, put their sunglasses on and leave the Dean. Dean Wojtek: “Am I being cranky about this I’m not even sure”. The Dean continues to hopelessly dissect the banner’s position as we fade to black. Text on Screen: “Mission Complete” Text on Screen: “Happy Graduate Student Appreciation Week!” Illinois Graduate College,

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