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– I graduated from Guilford
Tech in May of 2015 and I was inducted into the
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. My plans are to go to North
Carolina A&T University to study Animal Sciences
and then hopefully off to NC State University
to become a veterinarian. (upbeat music) There are a few different ways to get help as an online student. Couple different ways
here at Guilford Tech is they have Office 365
which is a good email support where you can email your instructor or your department chair. You also have which
is a fairly new service here where if you’re having any kind of issues with your specific classes
you can actually get help from other students who can
get you through situations and help you achieve your goals. (upbeat music) You really need to be freed
up from all the distractions. You need to take time. Each class really requires
six to eight of hours of good studying every single week. You just have to really be dedicated and self-disciplined to online learning. If you can have good self-discipline and limit the distractions, your time here at Guilford
Tech will be very rewarding.

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