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Let’s talk about what’s going on in Hong Kong because things are still very tense. Thousands of people have been protesting and occupying the streets for months and parts of the city look like a war zone. What started out as an outcry over an extradition bill reignited a pro-democracy movement that’s not backing down. So what exactly is Hong Kong’s ongoing stand-off about? And where could it lead? There’s a lot of history and background to the current unrest in Hong Kong. But the trigger was a high-profile murder case that exposed a legal loophole. In 2018, a couple from Hong Kong went on holiday to Taiwan. But 20-year-old Poon Hiu-wing never came home. A month later, her 19-year-old boyfriend Chan Tong-kai confessed that he killed her. That’s Chan leaving his hotel in Taiwan with his girlfriend’s body allegedly inside that suitcase. Chan was arrested back in Hong Kong. But the problem was that Hong Kong’s courts couldn’t prosecute him for a murder he said he committed in Taiwan. And officials in Taiwan said they couldn’t either because there’s no extradition agreement between the two territories. So instead, Hong Kong’s authorities charged Chan with money laundering because he used his girlfriend’s credit card after she died. because he used his girlfriend’s credit card after she died. but the question was, what to do about the murder case back in Taiwan? So what Hong Kong lawmakers did, was propose a new extradition bill to allow suspects accused of serious crimes to face trial in Hong Kong or Taiwan but also in China. And that rung alarm bells for many people. The Chinese government is often accused of going after its political opponents. Human Rights Watch says China’s dissidents have been subjected to show trials, forced confessions and even torture. There have also been reports of people disappearing from Hong Kong and ending up on the mainland. There’s a lot of arguments that centre around the Bookseller Case a few years ago, where a bookseller in Hong Kong was being abducted to mainland China, and some other cases. So these fears, justified or not
So these tells about the concerns that some of the people in Hong Kong that they do not believe in the mainland’s legal systems. So that’s why protesters have been so against the extradition bill. But there’s a deeper conflict at play here. And to explain that, we have to rewind a few years. Hong Kong was part of China for centuries. But after winning the first Opium War in the mid 1800s Britain ended up ruling Hong Kong for 150 years. It never became fully democratic, but Hong Kong did become a major business centre, while the Communist Party came into force on mainland China. “Hong Kong awaits the answer to the Communist army’s challenge.” Then in 1997, Britain gave Hong Kong back. China will tonight take responsibility for a place and a people which matter greatly to us all. But the two sides agreed that Hong Kong could keep some autonomy for 50 years until it fully reunites with the mainland in 2047. So to soften the transition, they came up with a principle called “One Country, Two systems”. It means Hong Kong belongs to communist China but gets to run its own economy, police force, justice system and it’s allowed some democratic reforms. We grew up learning that in Hong Kong we have freedom of speech freedom of press, freedom of assembly. That we can check on the government whenever they do something that are not for the people. But China controls the bigger stuff like the military, foreign affairs and to some extent, Hong Kong’s political system. For example, Hong Kong’s top political leader, the chief executive is selected by a closed committee and approved by China. Hong Kong’s law-making body, called the legislative council, is also pretty unique. 35 of its 70 seats are for elected politicians from both the pro-democracy and pro-China camps. But the other half is reserved for different sectors in Hong Kong like education, health, tourism or finance. The issue with that system though is that many of those sectors have business ties with the mainland. So critics say that makes the pro-China bloc bigger, and leads to more pro-China laws being pushed through the legislative council. So there’s been this constant back and forth between those who feel part of China and those who want to pull away. Those who want more democracy, and those who don’t. And from time to time, the tension boils over. Over the years, Hong Kongers have taken to the streets to protest against all sorts of laws they’ve seen as stepping on their freedoms. In 2014, the student-led “Umbrella Movement” shut down the city for 3 months. But this year’s demonstrations are different. These are the largest protests Hong Kong has ever seen They’ve gone on for more than 6 months. And this time, the city’s pro-democracy movement has the support of many more groups, including teachers and financial sector workers. There’s far more violence, too. Tear gas, rocks, molotov cocktails and even live bullets have been used. So far one person has died, dozens have been injured and hundreds have been charged with protest-related offences. Police and protesters blame each other for the increasingly intense confrontations. Parts of the city have been paralysed and badly damaged like transport systems and even the legislative council building. And there’s no sign of either side backing down. Protesters are also standing firm. They’ve got five main demands. One of them, was to withdraw the extradition bill. That happened in September. But they also want Hong Kong’s authorities to start a formal investigation into police violence, to release hundreds of arrested protesters, for the police to stop labeling the protests as “riots” and they want universal suffrage, as in, the freedom to elect all of Hong Kong’s lawmakers plus their chief executive. Others are calling for something more radical: full independence from China and that’s a red line for Beijing. In fact China’s President Xi Jinping has openly said “Those who engage in separatist activities in any part of China will be smashed into pieces.” China’s state media even released videos of Chinese troops on the other side side of the border, in case of a request from Hong Kong’s leaders, to intervene. But Hong Kongers weren’t swayed. And not only did they remain in the streets they sent Beijing a message from the polls. Recent local elections saw a record number of people vote and the pro-democracy camp made big gains. They now control 17 out of 18 councils. Before the election, the pro-Beijing camp had all 18. District council election is already the de facto referendum to prove how Hong Kong people deserve free elections. As things stand, it’s really just a countdown to the year 2047. Some in Hong Kong see reunification with China as something inevitable. But others are clearly not going to give up Hong Kong’s autonomy without putting up a real fight.

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  • How come CNN doesn't explain this so clearly? Aren't they the one's who dominate the airports and should be spreading the great news of the world wanting Freedom? Aren't CNN journalists freedom fighters determined to expose truth? Or not?

  • if the Hong Kong movement is simply a revolt against ccp, I would happily support them. However, the right-wing nazism like narratives and actions displayed by the protestors doesn't give the freedom of speech and human rights to its opponents, and they display very low moral integrity in the process of building their goal: lies, lies and too many lies. All of these make them despicable to me. I don't call them pro-democracy, I call them pro-Nazism.

  • Xi jinping is a hardliner china criminal party guy who just declares himself life long president or emperor in china. China criminal party has a history of 70 years treating its own fellow people as slavery ants ie can be smashed to death anytime ccp desires. Puppet Carrie Lam is just an obedient stupid dumbass of Xi. Unless ccp is overthrown, no quick solution to HK's democracy and freedom which are promised in Sino British Joint Declaration, Basic Law and by Deng Xiaoping.

  • Existing laws and methods existed in HK to handle the Taiwan murder case. Puppet Carrie is just using this case to lick Xi Jinping happy in order Xi can easily arrest his enemies hiding in HK without the need to kidnap and smuggle them back to china as been doing since 1997.

  • Your history is following china criminal party myths obviously. Pls learn real history: The words "China/Chinese" only came into being 100 years ago. Before that the land was known as Da Ching Imperial Country ruled by foreign invaders Da Ching for 400 years until ROC (now in Taiwan) kicked out Da Ching. HK was ceded to UK in 1842, long before china criminal party country was set up in 1949 which only robbed the mainland. CCP has never ruled Hong Kong, Macau nor Taiwan.

  • Thanks so much this media telling the truth in June 2019 Hong Kong protesters 👉 very clear and true all the news 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • chineseCorportism vs democraticSocialism is the real issue when mafiaXi is the dictator in control of Chinese coporatePlantations & laborEnslavement that have gone2far left or right (Y)

  • hi ! yes I have a suggestion. Please make a detailed video about Israels nuclear arsenal. how it was secretly build, with the help of whom and why the international community has been completely silent about it all these years.

  • If these idiots (who are probably funded by the US) don't like HK they can move. Otherwise they need to be reigned in by by means necessary.

  • You know AJ – don't trust you much anymore, not after seeing how partial, even downright misleadinng and false your coverage of certain situations has been… A pity because for a long tine i really believed you all were among the best in global truth-telling… now i dont know who to believe or trust anymore. Real damage.

  • It is not hidden that Joshua Wong did a CIA sponsored “Anti-China” International speaking tour before returning to HK to incite the riots, re-branded as “Pro-democracy”. 'We stand with you': Pence to Hong Kong protesters.

  • You guys are doing great job. Do cover trade wars, other protests around the globe, ukraine crisis, Palestine issue and Kashmir issue.

  • You should have just charged him in Hong Kong for the murder the victim state no???????? That is the joke😠 send him to North Korea free labour?????

  • 99% CCP Chinese who live in western democratic countries , eg, America, England, Australia, New Zealand… Only Obey to CCP China and believe that all western news are Fake news. Some of them even calling Hong Kong policeman killing all Hong Kong demonstrators. Suggest all countries deported these type of CCP Chinese back to China.

  • They wouldn’t give up the fight…. so those rioters choose to beat women and kids….wait, where is the fight with PLA

  • I worked in UAE for 3 years, where there is a ethnic group of UAE-born people who have Iranian heritage. They reside in Sharja. Because of their heritage, they are not allowed to officially work, their children are uneducated, & they are not allowed citizenship. These people live in the shadows, always in fear. They have no homeland & no one can mention this. It's terrible.

  • Hong Kong people have never experienced the Cultural Revolution before, nor have they experienced suffering. It seems that Hong Kong people appreciate this chaos very much, so they are now starting to create their own riots.

  • from the first one minute we understund that no foreign powers have cause the trubles and this is good! is clear chinas problem and we can nothing do! i just long was waiting such info and how the things have started and this go more back the extradition bill wich from this point i know and remember the problems in HK! but this event of facts have bring such results! who can even imagine!

  • She did not mentioned who was killed, and bystander beaten torched smashed and activists holding meeting with US consulate.
    Nevertheless her narrative is definitely better summarized than the west.

  • It was WAY more than I person died. There were many unexplained dead bodies; several young men were thrown from high building and killed. Police tortured the people arrested. In one case, a young woman claimed she was gang raped by the police. The CCP and their mobs are killing our protesters in the dark.

  • Great video, thank you. I wish you had explained in more depth about how the "business ties with the mainland" of the "other sectors" makes the pro-China bloc bigger. That seems important, but it's still pretty fuzzy how that works.

  • Dumb activities to be honest. So imagine Google asia branches workers launched protest to their parental company so they could elect their own CEO? and even want to change the branch company name? Purely ridiculous and funny. And America interference is just like yahoo come into picture and say Hi google, if you don't give your subsidiaries company their right to choose their CEO, I shall sanction you by writing bad about you. What a joke seriously. Walking into KFC (CHINA) and order MCCHICKEN (DEMOCRACY), well I say you can get it faster by going to MCDONALD (USA). Also, who is AMERICA to think they are qualified to decide what level of freedom other countries should have? Have you ever see KFC telling MCDONALD what their MENU should looks like?

  • It was reasonable that the guy that killed his girlfriend in Taiwan Was processed and jailed
    in HK or China… That was REASONABLE FOR THE CRIMINAL now because the criminal is one of the HK rioters they didn't want him to be prosecuted in China..or HK… Looks like those defending him are criminals too.. SHAME.

  • Hong Kong is China.. China is Hong Kong.. HK doesn't need rioters setting people on fire,
    throwing molotov cocktails, destroying the city…I wouldn't trust people like that being part of

  • Before the handover in 1997, Hongkongers were expecting a democratic change of China in the next 50 years, but that never happened, and it even going the opposite way. That broke their beautiful illusions about one country two systems and the future of China. The event in 2019 is an alarm that made Hongkongers woke up from their dreams, so does the world’s fantasy of China in the last 30 years.

  • Even before the Bill, certain well known people in Hong Kong have been spreading hate, fear mongering and lies regarding China for over 36 years.

  • These protesters are tools of American CIA to overthrow China. Same thing with what the Americans done in mid-east. Anti terrorism is their lie. It is their excuse to rule and get benefits from other countries. China central government made A big mistake by not educating the Hongkong people the history of HK and give them too much democracy, and the HK people are spoiled. Now these protesters are misusing the democracy that Beijing gave to them.

  • I wouldn't mind if they could provide a few examples of proposed laws, between 1997 to present, that would strip HK's freedom.

  • 25—26. Sign of the coming Judgment
    25 1 And He answered and said unto me: 'You too shall be preserved till that time till that sign which the Most High will work for the inhabitants of the earth in the end of days. 2 This therefore shall be the sign. 3 When a stupor shall seize the inhabitants of the earth, and they shall fall into many tribulations, and again when they shall fall into great torments. And it will come to pass when they say in their thoughts by reason of their much tribulation: "The Mighty 'One doth no longer remember the earth"—yes, it will come to pass when they abandon hope, that the time will then awake.'

  • Protes yang sehat dan aspirasi dapat dikabulkan fihak stakeholdersnya dapat menjamin masa depan demokrasi secara berkelanjutan, karena perubahan yang lebih baik itu adalah keniscayaan dunia.



  • You haven't mentioned that Hong Kong is now more democratic than it has ever been. The recent 2019 Hong Kong District Council ELECTIONS is a good example!

  • what truly amazes me about this extradition bill issue, is that it has been used by the western media as a justification for the riots, while NOT A SINGLE western news source, I repeat NOT a single news source listed the conditions and limitations and safeguards to the extradition bill.
    the ONLY 2 media both mainstream and vloggers I've seen that actually talked about the content of the extradition Bill is Daniel Dumbrill and Nathan Rich.
    All other western news sources have all lied about this bill outright. The journalist should chase the truth world , tell the conditions and limitations and safeguards to the extradition bill . The western media
    fabricated a world where alternative fact is a thing.

  • Why did you not interview the pro Beijing group? By interviewing only the pro Democracy group you are giving a misleading picture of the whole crisis i.e that everyone in Hong Kong support the violent protesters? What do you think is the best solution? Independance for Hong Kong? Is this a realistic goal? Which sovereign state can accept that in their own country? As you have said, Hong Kong is part of China.

  • Unlike all the fake news circulating worldwide, some good points have been touched upon however, there is much more to what has been mentioned.

  • If 50 years is an agreement, then China has every right to crackdown any independent movement. I am good with protesting but not independent movement.

  • Ha!! Haaaaaa!! That is What you called History of Hong Kong…??..Originated as ONe murder case in Taiwan.

    No wonder news reporting at Al Jazeera is as Truthful as the street's sanke oil peddlers!! Haaaa!!
    Hong Kong's history should have been told at the time of 1840, burning by officials in china of imported British opiumby UK drug merchants in South China, British warships attacked coastal cities in China during the early 1840s which led to China sending Foreign Minister to UK to apologize to UK Parliament and paid hundred of Millions in Gold and River plus the turned over Hong Kong to Britain as compensation for the Drugs UK had lost…all stipulated by the Treaty of Nanking!!

    And you called yourself as a "News Reporting Channel" talking about " Hong Kong History" !??? What a JOKE !!!

  • Very poor effort can’t even get the basics right…. “extradition to Taiwan and China…” wrong. Taiwan is part of a China. So the proposed extradition law to China which includes Taiwan.

  • If Hong-Kong falls and goes back sooner (or even later) under complete Chinese control, be sure that the next step for the Chinese Communist Party will be to take over Taiwan and finally get rid of the old Republic of China and its democracy, which still poses a direct challenge and an existential threat to the CCP's authoritarian regime since the end of the civil war in 1949 between the Chinese Nationalists of the KMT and the Chinese Communists.

  • Yup …. let's not show ANY of the violence and destruction caused by rioters caused by the racism, xenophobia and self entitlement of HKers in the last 6 months. If you want to talk propaganda .. you only have to look at the HK education system which politicizes the children into believing that China is their enemy. Al Jazeera ……. not just fake news, but morally just looking to make another buck.

  • Book sellers abducted by China? What about Wikileaks being hammered by US & Julian Assange detained by UK on trump up charges + Australia pretending nothing happened?

  • There is a big thing missing from the explanation. That is the foreigner's involvement in making Hong Kong destabilized as bargaining power in US-China trade war.

  • Al Jazeera is anti china, as they havent tell the other side of the story. there are so many protestors beat up other guys on the street as they have different views from them

  • HK people is suffering from their minority of violence criminals mis-guilded by the notorious western media CNN -China Negative News, BBC-bias bad co….
    strongly support the chinese government to arrest them violence criminals and punish severely….particularly from uk usa

  • 2:33 You missed out Britain INVADED China and you said Britain GAVE Hong Kong back…sounds so nice of Britain…..another disgusting propaganda from the west.

  • The first time I see your Chanel, not sure you just want to get more subscriptions or really want to be objective and show justice. I do see you tried to show more destructive scenes than some of media, but you definitely did not reporting on the real force, support, manipulation and twisted reporting which led to the current situation. If anyone are fair and open minded, it’s not hard to find the evidence of all the foreign force, those parties with different agenda involved and led these protests. It’s more accurate to call them roits or even terrorist acts if you actually see what really happened in HK and compared those to what happened in other parts of the world, like those democratic countries. The problem is most media did not report the truth and did not report objectively.

  • So much pro democracy! Did she know that we weren't even allowed to vote for a village representative before 1997. All the District councillors and the legislature were appointed by the government until just before Britain had to return Hongkong to China, because the 99 years lease of the new territories were going to expire , from 1898 to 1997, and that there's no way to perpetuate the colonial rule of the Hongkong Island under the mighty Chinese Army. Britain did not "give" Hongkong back to China, she was forced to return Hongkong back to China, which was stolen through the evil opium war. By the way. Where has the pro democracy Arab Spring led those countries to ? Dead bodies floating on the Mediterranean sea, or refugees flooding into Europe or both?

  • if things are this simple that will be far more easy to end. dont forget this happened during trade war. and from any outsider who fail to see is that hk gov or chinese gov did and still doing so many to hk people. its easy to just say it

  • Yi Liang, please watch more videos from more sources, not just from those pro-rioters with lots of lies.
    1. Yes, ONLY 1 person died. I hate2 the word only when somebody died. He is a 70 year-old cleaner killed by a brick one of those rioters threw.
    2. The rioters threw molotov cocktails and acids at police and public who disagreed wuth them.
    3. The rioters injured people severely, including one for merely trying to clear debris fro3 the road rioters blocked.
    4. They destroyed LegCo, MTR stations, banks, shops like Starbucks, Maxim, etc. Oh, also a mall by Singapore's Mapletree North Asia Trust and DBS bank simply because SG Prime Minister was interviewed and spoke the truth.
    5. They tried to grab police gun in some videos shown, and in one case police fired one round. Rioter was injured and survived as police still did not aim at vital organs.
    6. Rioters set a public on fire for disagreeing3 with them. Fortunately he survived.
    7. They point strong green lasers into the eyes of police and people opposing their views.
    The list can go on and on.
    Oh, the rioters and supporters are well known for twisting facts and lying to justify their actions.

  • UK didn't GIVE HK back. Margaret Thatcher met Deng XiaoPing and hoped to keep HK. She even threatened consequences, DXP just said HK will then be back on China's term, meaning PLA will fight British Army in HK, although it was not said directly. Please watch old videos on this meeting.

  • Can you help us understand the Myanmar military government issue?
    As well as help us with Article 9 issue of Japan.l?

  • Please cover the energy crisis and rolling blackouts in South Africa, as well as ex-president Jacob Zuma fleeing to Cuba for 'medical treatment' when due to appear in court to face charges,

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