How Asians students are spending their life in Russia

Hi Guys, its me Ali again, Today’s topic is also very important that how Asian student spend their life in Saint Petersburg, Russia is this country safe for us? how is the situation for Asians? so, here I like to share my personal experience with your guys. you guys already know that I visited different countries before. so I note this thing here in Russia that Russian give importance to Asian. and I feel we don’t have much respect in other countries as we have in Russia. yes. and I like to tell you one more thing here that Russain give lot of respect to Indian people, means they like Indians very much, and here we also have people from other Asian countries such as Bangladeshis, Srilankans, Pakistanis, Nepalese, they also have lot of respect here. and you amaze to know that Russian give more respect and importance to Asian people as comare to Americans and Europeans because the main reason behind this, is political issues so they don’t like much Americans and Europeans and second import thing in here is that the racism is almost zero here, as well as crime rate is also almost zero. all the time I go outside at night and I never ever face these kind of issues moreover, the Russians are very cultural and educated and literacy rate here is 99% and in my coming videos you guys can see how Russian people invite Asians in their parties and how they treat asians you can easily see these in my upcoming videos this country is very save for Asians and you guys can consider Russia for studies, with out any fear you guys can come here as a student if you guys want to come here than you can contact www. and they will guide you guys properly about Russian culture and environment. and don’t forget to watch my upcoming videos, thanks

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