Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how close should you stand to the golf ball with your irons how close you
do stands the golf ball with your driver we’re going to cover that in this week’s
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just like this one so how close you should you stand easy even important the
answer is absolutely yes this sport just like any sport whether you’re a senior
golf or junior golfer middle aged golfer you need to be athletic so I see a lot
of golfers for instance looking a little bit like this now from that position
they’re not really gonna be able to toss this ball it is both very very far I
also see golfers that kind of look a little bit like this and they wonder why
they’re not hitting it very fast so how close you stands the golf ball is very
very important so the questions how do you go about doing it well keep thinking
in your mind that you want to hit the ball a long way I find this is what I
find with a lot of people they’re trying to get the perfect distance are trying
to get the posture right and it all becomes a little bit kind of don’t put
the club down make sure I’ve got the right distance here I’ve seen this use
the hand width got to get everything set and the problem is they’re like statues
routed to the to the actual shot this is a sport that requires athleticism not
perfection athleticism not perfection so what we want to do is is when you get to
the golf ball yes or a certain checkpoints but what I’m going to do is
this I want you to get yourself set shoulders back put the club down on the
ground here and what I’m going to do is this I simply want you to kind of move
your feet up and down with the club on the ground now watch this
if you’re here and you start moving your feet you’ll feel uncomfortable but here
look you’re now finding your absolutely perfect balance points your feet are
dynamic and the same thing with a club look give the club a little bit of a
waggle put it down there now at this position if your arms are nice and
hanging down and relaxed the club will just fall down you’ll be
the perfect distance from the golf ball very you know very different you don’t
have to remember anything it’s an athletic position that you’re
approaching you know you go and play someone like tennis the tennis player
doesn’t kind of in a sense wait for the ball to come over so hang
on a second what they’re doing is they’re reacting
to the tennis ball I want you to do the same there’s the ball on the ground we
walk to the golf ball keep moving just feel a bit of athletic move the club
around get waggled get yourself set put the club down nice relaxed arms and
from there away we go and all you’re doing in this position is
you’re staying athletic each and every time if I get here
I can’t I’m bit I’m restricted I don’t I’m not I don’t have much as much space
I don’t have to tell myself to go stand further away no no I just keep moving
until I get into a position where I can swing nice and freely okay simple as
that not a lot to remember I’m naturally get
into all the positions that people talk about back and through that is what I
want you to remember when you think about how course you should stance the
golf ball I could tell you you’ve got to be at this angle here this angle here
this this is but you know what that is way way too much turning back you don’t
need to remember it be get yourself into an athletic position ask yourself do I
feel powerful can I do I have space to move if the answers yes then brilliant
if you can stay balanced in the process fantastic but that is how you learn to
stand how far what this issue is stand close to the golf ball hope you find
this useful if you know somebody else who looks like they’re wooden over the
golf ball they’re stiff as a board share this video with them it was a
little really really help and of course give it a thumbs up if you liked it
until next week everybody have a great golfing week

18 thoughts on “HOW CLOSE SHOULD YOU STAND TO THE GOLF BALL – 2 minute GOLF TIP that works for your DRIVER & IRONS

  • Thanks for this Danny, really useful. Have you shared any content which considers how ‘locked’ the left arm should be (for right handed) as I’ve found conflicting advice?

  • Doesn’t the lie angle of the club also pretty much also play a part? I find it helps me to ensure the club is flat on the ground at address and then as you say a few relaxed practice swings to see where my natural point of contact is and that’s how far away I’ll try and stand – assuming of course that I haven’t forgotten it amongst the 377 pre-swing thoughts. And then there’s the above or below feet ball position which requires yet another adjustment of sorts and a further 31 pre-swing thoughts.

  • Top content as always, Danny. Have you got any tips regarding swing for tall people? I’m a 6ft4 and very leggy. I find it extremely difficult to complete a fully back swing and follow through. Feels uncomfortable and awkward. I end up with quite a punty swing. Cheers, James.

  • Hi Danny very well said athletic I love that word 🥳 never tried that one will give that a go just to make sure I am right , it may identify if I’m doing something wrong … 💥🏌🏼‍♂️

  • I am certain that this tip will work for me and maybe not just as a way of getting the right distance from the ball, which is clearly important. Everything that you say in this video and others about de-cluttering your mind is vital. I aim to do all of my thinking/planning about the shot at the back of the tee and arrive at set up with just one thought – commit to the plan. Anything that helps to stop the distractions from entering my head will be really useful. Concentrating on maintaining fluidity and athleticism has to be the right thing to do. Thanks Danny – another little golden nugget of tuition.

  • This resonates with me, any time I'm having a bad round I resort to 'instinct golf', whereby I don't do any thinking, I just step up to the ball and hit it.

    Okay got that now, next video should be 'how to turn off the bloody rain!!'

  • Good reminder. How many times when you are on the course and under pressure do you get into bad ways !. Really good aide memoire

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