How Do You Connect with Virtual Students?

Should I speak
in an English accent? I am Cindy Willits
and I am a sixth grade teacher with Pennsylvania
Virtual Charter School. Okay, because we are
here for the party. All right. Hi there folks. It is lab time. I know – Well one of the ways
we bridge the gap is just to be more human. We just be ourselves. I let the kids get on webcam when they’re
answering questions. I like to use the webcam a lot. I like to dress up a lot. We do our labs. We do experiments. We do other kinds of things that
you wouldn’t necessarily think that you could do online. I love to work with them
with their science labs because I get a lot
of student volunteers. They can mess things up and I can mess things up
and it’s great fun. You have to find ways
to get them engaged. We can differentiate
what we’re doing on the fly. And I think the idea of the fact that you can appeal
to different ways that they learn and different ways they
experience their curriculum, just like that, is really one
of the main benefits that I enjoy with them. Teaching is a learning adventure
for me and for my students. I think I learn
as much from them as they do from me. And basically connecting with them on this adventure is
really what it’s all about.

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