How To Create An Online Course Sales Page

Hey this is Tyler and in this video I’m
going to show you how to create a sales page for your online course. So this
video we are going to look at some examples of sales pages for online
courses and I wont spent too much time explaining what to put on your sales
page because we actually have an article on our blog that outlines all of the
elements that you should include in a sales page so I make sure I link to that
below the video. For now I’m just going to quickly and go over what those
elements are and then i’m going to jump to show you some examples of some really
well-designed sales pages for online courses. Now the thing about an online
course is, it’s online, it’s on the internet so you can’t exactly be out
meeting people for coffee to try to convince them to sign up for your course
because you’re students are more than likely going to be from all over the
world. So something needs to do the selling for you and that’s what the
purpose of a sales page is. That you might call it a sales, sales letter, a
course description, a landing page but regardless of what you call it the goal
of this page is to explain what your courses about and convince
someone to sign up for it. So their sales page has one specific goal and that’s to
convince people to sign up. So everything that goes on to the sales page needs to
play a part in making that goal happen and so there are three questions that
you want your sales page to answer and you should probably sit down and answer
these questions beforehand, before you actually start working on your sales
page. The first question is who is your course for. Second question is what does
it help them do so what does it teach in other words and question number three is
why is that beneficial to them. So you want to speak to the advantages, the
results, the outcome that you’re going to help your student accomplished if they
implement what you teach in your course. So you keep the answers to those
questions in mind as you’re putting together the content for your sales page
and there are a few different types of sales pages you’ll sometimes see a page that is text only, that’s all
usually called the sales letter, it’s just a long page of text and sometimes
images to make it look nice. The second type of sales page is the
text and video so it’s a combination of both. Now that video might even be on its own
a pretty good sales video or it might just be meant to supplement or add a
little bit of extra personality to the text sales page and then the third type
of sales page is the video only also called a video sales letter but if you
were to watch a really well-done video sales letter, if, you could even script
that out or transcribe that video and you’ll end up with a lot of the same
content that you would see on a written sales page. So there is there is a method
to the madness and people are just hopping in front of videos and hoping to
say the right things. There’s going to
scrape their videos and there’s going to be a lot of the same elements that you’d
find on a tech sales page as in a video sales letter. So really quickly I’m just
gonna breeze through what those elements are and then I’m going to show you some
examples of some really well-done sales pages. So every sales page has certain
elements and they’re usually in this order sometimes the order changes up a
little bit but more often than not you’ll find all of these elements
present on a sales page. The first one is that, is a headline, a compelling headline
that really capture someone’s attention and qualifies at the reader for the
viewer in a way by just let kind of teasing the result that they want or what the
course is about so you need that compelling headline after that you’ll
find an opening story where you introduce the problem.You introduce the
the challenge that your student is facing or the situation that they’re in
because that creates a nice transition to you introducing a solution to that
problem which is of course your course. Then you’re going to find some bullet
points on the sales page. These bullet points are just highlights of some of
those main benefits of the course, the main benefits of the outcome that the
course teaches and then you’ll find an actual breakdown of the solution which
is your online course. So the solution that offer you want to list everything
that’s included in your course all of the
different modules, you know the names of the modules, the names of each lesson,
within those modules what kind of content is in the course, is it video, is
it text, is it audio, you really want to show people everything that’s included
how it’s broken down and then what you’re going to find after that, are some
bonuses and bonuses are things that just help increase the perceived value of
your course. These can be things like access to calls with you the instructor,
group coaching calls, maybe you’ve got a private group or a Gacebook group or
discussion board setup for your students. Things like that make a course more
valuable because it just helps create a better learning experience for your
student you may even throw in some other courses or some other products or a copy
of your book or something along those lines as bonuses again to just increase
that perceived value next we’re going to see some
testimonials these are important because they provide social proof nobody wants to be the first person to
buy a course they want to see that some other people have taken the course as
well and have some good things to say about it. The next element is your bio. So
you want to have as the instructor of the course you know a paragraph or two
on your experience, your credentials, why you are the right person to teach the
subject and that just shows credibility. People want to make sure they’re
learning from someone who has done what they’re teaching you how to do. Next is a
frequently asked questions section. This is where you’re going to list some of
those most common questions that students who are thinking of taking your
course have just list them right there on the page so they can get the answers
right there. Next you want to include your pricing, so
break it down or do you have different tears, different packages, show them what
the prices, show them if there’s a payment plan, all of those different
options make it very clear what the price of your course is. Next you want to
offer some kind of guarantee. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee, is it the 30-day moneyback, is it a 60-day
money-back, whatever it is, this is also called a risk reversal and what it does
is it just shows that it helps address skepticism so if somebody’s you know a
little bit concerned that if they take your course and they don’t
like it, what are their options can they get a refund, how is that going to
work, so you want to include a risk reversal of some kind and finally this
is optional but I do recommend this element added ps2 the very end of your
sales page. This is just a last little personalized message from you, may be
thrown one or two extra reasons why they should sign up or have that final call
to action where they can enroll in your course. So that’s just a quick review of
all the elements of course sales page and again I go through these in more
detail in the article on our blog which I’ll link to below the video but right
now we’re going to take a look at some examples of course sales pages. We are going to have a look at a
couple of examples of us some sales pages for online courses. I’ve got two
sales pages that have bookmarked and then I’m going to spend a few minutes
showing you. Now before I jump into it , I just want to say that these sales pages
are very well done, they’re very long they have a lot of
content, great design, great copywriting, all that stuff and that’s because the
people who you know, each of the be entrepreneurs who created these courses
and are selling these courses are very successful online entrepreneurs and
internet marketers. In fact they’ve generated multiple six figures even
seven figures selling online courses and in and different info products on the
internet. So they have been doing this for a while, they know how to create a
very effective and compelling sales page and the reason why I’m showing you these
even though your course may have nothing to do with online business or
with internet marketing you know maybe you’ve got a course on how to train your
dog or how to organize your home office, how to mow your lawn, so you can probably
get away with having a sales page that’s not quite as well done as these ones are
but I wanted to show you these ones because these are what I consider to be
a 10 out of 10 on the scale of quality as sales pages for online courses so
even if you just, even if you missed the mark and you create a page that’s half
as good as these ones you’re probably going to have a pretty good page
for your course and for your market or whatever niche you’re serving and so I
just want to throw that that disclaimer out there. Don’t let you know the really high
quality of these pages discourage you, again these people have copywriters they
have designers you know they have a team and helping them to run their
business and to create their sales pages for their products. So now that I’ve got
that out of the way let’s have a look at one of these, one of these pages. So this
first course here, is by Amy Porterfield. It’s a course called the webinars that
convert. You can see the link up there and she starts off, this is a
really long page, I’m not going to read much of what’s on the page I’m just going to scroll
down and point out some of the important elements so she starts with a headline
that has a very bold promise. There’s even a line below it that addresses some of
those objections or concerns upfront that our target audience might have
liked being not being good with technology, not having an email list or
sales funnel and being scared of selling. Now as you probably guessed the promise
of this course is to teach someone how to sell on a live webinar so let’s go
through some of the page and see what she’s got lots of sub headers, that break
up the page, bullet points, pictures of her, she’s really outlining that the
journey of you know how she learned about webinar marketing why you should
be using webinars, how webinars are conducted in most cases. She’s got someone you know some horror
stories of webinars that people can probably relate to. Lots and lots of bullet points. She’s you know really selling why
webinars are a game-changer for somebody’s business. She’s got ten gain profit which is again
one of the promises of her course more more bullet points that speak to you
know the outcome and and the results that somebody can expect from
taking the course of nice picture of her there, more of her journey, testimonials, another testimonial a nice big graphic here which kind of teases you
know all of her system of running profitable webinars and these look like
places that you can promote your webinar and they off you know get people to show
up to webinar so that’s kind of a cool graphic. Keep scrolling down. She’s got
some myths, myths number 1 2, 3, 4, so these are basically objections
that she knows that her target market probably hasn’t so she’s
addressing those upfront and now she starts to introduce the course. So are
you ready to learn more more bullet points? She’s introducing the course called
Webinars that Convert and now she’s really giving an outline of what’s
included in the course. She spent five years creating this course, she’s got a
nice graphic there so you can see you can you know you can take the course
from your, from your iPad, your laptop, your computer. It’s got five core modules
and here’s an actual breakdown of the modules. So module 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, and within
each module, there are specific lessons so you see exactly what you’re going to
learn from each module and now she’s showing some bonuses. So a bonus, one of
them is a Facebook group. She’s a, you know attach to the actual dollar
value to that. Another bonus is a webinar fill up formula not quite sure what that
is but I’m sure if you, if I read it, I would figure it out and so what would it
be worth it to you and your business if, so now she’s really you know release
going into sales mode here getting you to think about what it’s worth if you
learn how to solve for webinars what that’s going to do for your business. She’s got a testimonial to help back it
up so here’s a summary of everything
that’s included so the course bonus number one, bonus number two, total value,
here some payment options you can do it in 12 payments or one payment 997
dollars. This is clever because she’s you know,
she’s a made the perceived value of the course
much higher than the actual cost of the course so that position is this, like a
good deal. She’s got some icons here that show it
you know secure payment. If you have any questions you can chat, you can email, you
can call them, here is a guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee, here’s some frequently asked questions,
here is just a little bit more content to help you know to help persuade you to
make that decision, here at a recap of what’s included more payment buttons
again. It’s really hard to miss these payment buttons as you can see because
she’s placed them in multiple points throughout the page. How do I know if this is right for me,
she’s describing you know where you’re at, what kind of challenges you might be
facing, what she’s really speaking to the outcome you want, more payment buttons
again definitely can’t miss those I have seen three times now and then at the
bottom, she’s got a nice personalized message,
her signature, her picture and some stuff on the bottom here like the terms of
use, privacy policy, contact ,so and one thing I want to point out is the whole
time that I was scrolling up and down the page, this top menu
followed me followed me down the page and if I actually click on any of these,
it takes me to that specific part of the page with that section is, as listed like
I clicked on frequently asked questions and here I am at the frequently asked
questions section. If i click on why join, it takes me back to the beginning of
where she presents the course and what’s included in the course so that’s
pretty cool then of course it when you are ready to sign up, you can click on
enroll now. So the second page that we’re going
to look at, is a course for membership, it’s a membership site actually so this
is one where you would pay a monthly fee and you get access to all the courses
that are included in the membership site and this is created by
Jill and Josh Stanton you can find them at As you can probably guess they are,
they’ve created courses on our membership site on how to build an
online business so that you can quit your 95 and become an entrepreneur
that’s where target market is. There’s a menu across the top here which takes you
down to different parts of the page, there’s enroll now button and there’s a
nice big headline at the top here that says “Because You’re Ready To Be The Boss”
and again that’s just speaks to the result that their target audience wants
which is to work for themselves and have their own business .You can enroll now by
clicking on that button there and it’ll take you to a page that shows you their
different plans so I’ll just open that up really quick and then I’ll go back
and we’ll have a look at the page a bit more. So they’ve got a couple of
different pricing options you can pay monthly, you can pay yearly, there’s joint fee if
you pay monthly, there’s no join fee if you pay yearly and there’s a bullet
list of everything that’s included and nice little testimonial below that
but we’ll go back to the actual page itself and have a look at some of the
things they’ve got. So here’s a nice big headline here says “You worked for “someone
else” long enough and spent more than enough years” you know they’ve got a
bullet list of some of the things that employees or maybe not so happy about and if we scroll down even more, more
bullet list about why it’s time to become your own boss these are some of
the benefits are advantages of becoming an entrepreneur but there’s just one
little problem they list some reasons why people do not take the leap or why
it’s so hard for them to take sleep and we can start their own business. They’ve been there they get it that’s
why they created this course here’s a bullet list of what’s included in the
course yet live mastermind calls Q&A, calls training, meetups, all kinds of cool
stuff and there’s an enroll now button again. I like the kind of like this, it
says “Hint : its less than the cost of a body massage” so they’re comparing their
price the price of something else that you might want, what is screw you, so
they’re going to get an outline again in just a bit more details of what’s in the
course,you get plugged into a community with over 600 members and counting
personal advice. So again want the community forums monthly Q&A and
mastermind calls some customized training so that’s pretty cool. Here’s an overview of all the different
things that you learn inside of the members area all the different courses
that are already in there it’s nice graphics again call to action which
shows the price you can enroll now by clicking on that button there. Do you want a sneak peek. There’s a nice picture of her they’re
showing inside the members area on that tab there and if we scroll down we’re
going to meet some of the members so this is a testimonial section. So here is
what looks like a video testimonial from one of their members and a lot of
information about her right here which I thought was pretty cool, her website, her
email, her facebook, so it says right here you can ask this person about their
experience with this course. Here are some more testimonials that
they’re pulling screenshots from Facebook of people talking about the
program. There’s the testimonial that person’s
name a link to their website. Another testimonial, video again, that’s pretty
cool. Another screenshot, another video
testimonial, another screenshot, so there’s I mean there’s a ton of proof
hear that a lot of people have joined this program, they’re enjoying it, they’ve
got great things to say so there’s no shortage of testimonials. Now there’s a
bit more information about Jill and Josh you can get to know them personally
little bit their story their whole journey, how they became entrepreneurs,
how they learned all the things they teach in this course. Another quick recap
of the benefits of joining the course, some bullet points here and then here
are some frequently asked questions I gasser, is a “can Iafford it” which is you
know them, just listing off some of those objections somebody might have really
trying to overcome it. Here’s a more outlines of how its
structured, what’s included, more social proof of people who have taken the
course hit. This is actually pretty cool so this is somebody who said there, they
haven’t, I guess they haven’t joined the course yet they went inside of the
facebook group and asked have you enrolled yet and if so can you sell me
on and I’m seriously looking into it and then these are all of the replies of
people who had great things to say about the course and basically convinced that
person to sign up so that’s pretty cool and that person is now in the course and
there’s again a button to enroll now which takes you to the actual payment
page so this is really well done. There is its great design, lots of images, it’s
really broken up into different sections, there’s lots of testimonials, there’s
lots of bullet points, I can skip to any of those sections if I want like if I
click on our story up at the top, takes me down when I can learn about Josh and
Jill. If I click on can afford it, it takes me down where it starts to
comparing you know the price of this course to
other things that you probably spend your money on. The list goes on and on. So
yeah these are just two sales pages I want to show you as examples. Again these
are really really well done. These entrepreneurs, they really know what
they’re doing and they you know they have been entrepreneurs for a long time, /
they’ve been selling products and services and online courses online for
several years so they’re very good at what they do. This is what I think you know what 10
out of 10 looks like for a sales page for an online course but even if you
fall short of 10 out of 10 you’ll probably have a pretty decent sales page
that will be enough to convince your prospective students to enroll in your
course.So hopefully those examples were helpful for you and I know that these
were all sales pages in the online marketing space in online marketing
industry and the reason why I showed you that is because the creators of these
courses are very good marketers. So I want to show you like the best of the
best. These people often have graphic designers helping them put their page
together, copywriters to help them create the text and the bullet points and all
and the calls to action and all that stuff so that’s you know that’s like the
the bar that you should aim for in your, for your course sales page but even if
you were to fall short a little bit of that standard that’s probably okay you
have it you end up with a pretty good sales page and again just as a quick
review keep in mind that the main purpose of your sales page is to
convince someone to sign up for your course and give them that the proper
information that they need to make that decision of if that course is something
they want to take and remember with your sales page you want to answer those
three questions who’s your course for, what does it help them do, why is that beneficial for them, your
course is the solution show them everything that’s included, what it costs,
how it works and then give them that call to action to enroll in your course.
So thanks for watching and if you want to check out our more detailed guide on
how to create a sales page for your online course, stop by our blog we’ve got
a very long article there that goes through each of the elements of your
course sales page and only to that below the video. So thanks for watching and
I’ll see you again soon. link that in the video yeah yeah yeah

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