How to do Wudu? | Learning with Imam

actually I’m I want to learn how to play because I convert two weeks maybe two weeks ago but when I have almost I only follow them and when I’m alone I turn around on YouTube because I don’t know how to pray exactly I’m very same but so that’s why I come here I know how to but can I so what is the meaning of put in English evolution before before praying so many people sent me a message congratulations in four things major major first first ponies washing the face face face minimum one and then we have to do that’s after we make it wait and then what’s our to the hill and this is the measure of water if you don’t have you don’t have time you’re busy then you just do like who’s like this if you have time yeah if you we have time and we are [Music] yes we will after finishing Larry CJ okay let’s let’s do it step by step okay so first is clean my hands take some water and [Music] yeah okay if some of the place is dry wood would be incorrect be carefully to all parts of all arms face every person both measured important parts are face and both hand had this one this is not worse for worse this is her only tension you know our squat so oh very nice very nice okay now we will put our Shahada haha okay then both of the hand okay yeah somebody say okay touching also somebody touching the neck this is Kelly much yes you read this then Allah will open the eight dots of gender for you oh is it fadila Jannah paradise paradise okay oh I feel really I think Muslims are very very clean every every paper so clean wash every day five times yeah yeah actually people was one or two times in a day for those layers wash five times pray I feel very clean and pure body I think if you wash your body your party or soap clean but your soul also make clean

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