How to download educational YouTube videos 2019?

Good morning to all of us “rooster crowing” Our topic for today is how to download video from YouTube without using installed application in our laptop what we will do is to visit google chrome in the search bar just type y t mp3 .cc then press enter this is now the website where we download video from YouTube the next thing we do is to visit the website of Youtube type then enter in YouTube search bar just type the video you are looking for, example digestive system we will click digestive system and we will click the video that we want to download example this one and in the upper portion, we can see the URL of this video we will click, then right-click then click copy then we will return in the site then we will click mp4 button in this bar, we will right click then paste here the URL from YouTube click convert then we will wait until this site get the video from YouTube we click download and if you see in the lower portion it starts downloading we can now close advertisement just block it because it come together with ytmp3 converter site at the same time downloader they get paid because this site is just free so, these are their advertisement so, just close it even the YouTube site, close it because it weakens download speed if we see in the lower portion, its done downloading just right click, then click show in folder then here, we can see the video then we can watch it offline That’s all, it is very easy Until in our next tutorial videos Thank you very much for watching

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