How To Find A Good Domain Name (When All The Good Ones Are Gone)

so if you happy startup business or your
growing your business online I’m gonna give you the number one tool that you
need to use today before you start naming anything online because this is
gonna help you and save you a lot of time a lot of money a lot of stress stay
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consideration so talking about your business now if you have a start-up
business or if you’re just creating your first time website and your business has
been offline for the last 20 years you’re creating a family blog bringing
is a huge thing okay so you have your personal brand you have a business brand
or whatever you decided to go with but you could spend hours and hours and
hours looking for domain names looking for social media profiles or how many
times does this happen I can’t count enough where a client will come to me
and they bought their domain name but now they can’t get facebook or they
can’t get Instagram and they’re just completely lost because there can be
just simply so many situations maybe a competitor you know bought your domain
name or you know is it’s kind of holding your facebook hostage or different
things like that where they just acquire the usernames they sit on them in this
video you know I really want to give you a tool that’s gonna help you maximize
your time okay you’re ready for it okay so here we are on the website it’s
called name chk calm again name chk com and what this does it shows all these
different variations of domain names and all these user names for social media
and different profiles on here okay so basically what we can do and they have
ads so don’t worry about the ads but basically what we’re looking for is
what’s available okay so let’s for an example let’s type in let’s do Dallas
dentist okay you don’t put anything behind it is just put Dallas dentist and
click search okay as can tell us what’s available so
we can see ComNet or GOG I US me X Y Z’s all gone usernames K Facebook YouTube
Twitter Instagram blogger reddit eBay we’re pressing on and on and on k so we
would know if we are naming our business online
Dallas dentists is out of the question okay so instead of having to go to a web
hosting company or GoDaddy or something like that and spend hours typing and
names just to type in the name to find out that you bought it but then
Facebook’s gone or Twitter’s gone it’s just a hassle so this is just an amazing
tool to save you time so let’s try pin it let’s try a different one here let’s
do San Diego let’s do San Diego dentists let’s just show in a different area okay
okay same thing we see dot-com net or geo dot me okay and everything’s taken
so again very highly competitive so let’s try something a little different
let’s make up something here let’s do Adams family farm Adams family farm
let’s try that okay so dot-com is taken but we do have
dotnet org and a bunch of other ones but we see all the usernames take us so
again you can see how frustrating this can get because you’re like imagine if
you’re just at one website now you got to go there’s all these other ones too
this again it saves you so much time but still it can get frustrating after a
while so then you have to just start playing with the different domain domain
name okay so again let’s do Adams family apple farm
let’s do PluralEyes just in case Adams family apple farms somebody have
multiple farms okay okay bingo so we have dot-com net orgs
all available we can get Facebook but it’s too long for everything else so
most okay so we could do Facebook but that’s about it so let’s see
can shorten this up a little bit it’s gonna copy this does the only thing with
this tool is like I got to refresh it but it’s okay I’m completely happy with
that I don’t mind okay let’s do Imus family farm this time
okay the domain names are still available and now we can do Facebook
looking to youtube we can do Instagram we can do blogger okay we could do eBay
WordPress okay excellent so this would be a great opportunity so
for an example if you were an apple farm and by chance your were your last names
Adams and yours Adams family apple farm you can buy this but you can just see
sometimes just removing one letter instead of Adams family apple farms as
in in case you own many of them or a few of them then by just doing it as
singular farm just opened up so many opportunities for us so this is such an
amazing tool that you can use let’s take a one step further and let’s take a
major brand here um you can also do this for your own name let’s do that let’s do
let’s do Jessica Jones have no idea let’s just see what we have available
okay so your personal brand okay basically everything’s taken their
YouTube might be available but everything else is all gone
okay so again doesn’t matter if it’s a personal brand if it’s a business brand
you can use this for everything and so you know yeah just an amazing thing so
thank you so much for watching this video again just to recap if you’re
naming your business you’re naming a blog and you really care about the
social media profiles and everything to match like you want your branding to be
on point this is a great tool to use to make sure that you can get not only the
dot-com but also the social media profile so the strategy that I would use
and I use it all time is if the dot-com is available and you also see that the
Facebook of stuff always get the dot-com first go get the dot-com and like for
example if you go to my website Chris high global comm and you go to resources
and tools I use you can use my affiliate link helps out my channel I appreciate
if you’re starting a website from scratch you can go ahead and buy it with
your web Hosting cost less than a cup of coffee a
month or you can go with GoDaddy and just go ahead and store them and here’s
that you can click on the buttons there and I appreciate it but basically what’s
gonna happen is get to go get the dot-com first and then automatically go
out and go ahead and get all the open ones so go get Facebook go get Instagram
go get Twitter you know go ahead and build a link in LinkedIn or whatever new
social media platforms are available go ahead and do this and again it’s gonna
save you so much time and so much just effort of chasing around domain names
and that way to keep your brand together and then if you ever sell your business
you can also have all these digital assets to go with it so thank you so
much for your time don’t forget to watch these additional videos about how to
build a website and how to really grow your business it really means a lot to
me no matter what I do you hope that you find success online offline and in your
life god bless

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