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If you are a citizen of the UK,
Switzerland or any one of the following European Economic Area countries, you
have the right to work in the UK. But what if you are not from these countries?
Relax!! In this video, we are going to discuss, How can you get a job in the UK.
Without spending your hard-earned money. The reasons why people prefer the UK as
their dream job destination is because of high salaries, vibrant culture, and of
course job security. To work in the UK you need a work permit from the employer. Let’s start with step number one. Check your occupation in NSO list. The UK
government provides a National Shortage occupation list detailing professions in
high demand. If you are skilled in one of these fields a work-based visa for the
UK may be simpler to obtain. But if your profession is not listed in this list
then you can apply directly. How you are going to apply and what preparation is
needed. We’ll discuss this in the upcoming steps. Step number two. Prepare
your CV. If you are applying directly first of all, prepare your CV. Your CV
should be a British style resume. Mention your academic and professional
achievements in your resume. If you don’t know how to write a professional CV and
a cover letter you can hire an expert online from these websites. Step number
three. Highlight yourself. After completing your CV, now it’s time to
highlight yourself. First of all, make a LinkedIn profile, if you don’t have one.
As a student or professional LinkedIn is a popular place to find a job
opportunity. Be comprehensive about qualification and objectives. Highlight
your past job experience if any. Keep your profile up-to-date. Research the
companies you are interested in. Follow the companies and their employees.
ask their employees to refer you. There are several other job portals like
monster, reed indeed, glassdoor etc. upload your resume and keep applying for
the tier 2 sponsoring jobs. Step Four Applying through DWP UK. DWP UK is the UK
government’s official website for the jobseekers. All the job providers are the
licensed tier to sponsor. More than 1,900 companies are registered with this
portal. Moreover, you can also create your account to get instant notifications of
jobs. Step Five Preparing for the interview. Your
company will schedule an interview through Skype. Depending on the job you
may have one – or a series of interviews. You’ll be asked a series of questions
about personal qualities needed to do the job and to give examples of
different situations you’ve dealt with. You may be also asked to take
psychometric or other tests so prepare for the interview beforehand and
research the employer as well. Dress Smartly. First impressions are very
important. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or ask a question during
the interview. Step Six Getting selected. After getting selected
your employer will guide you for the upcoming steps. You’ll be provided
certification of sponsorship. A certification of sponsorship contains
your private details and data about your work. It is an electronic record not
a paper record. You must use it three months after getting it. In our next
video we’ll discuss, what is point-based system and what is the application
procedure of tier 2 visa. If you learned something new today, then hit this button
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