How to get NI Multisim free trial as a student under 2 minutes tutorial (extended evaluation period)

Hello! Disclaimer: this is probably not
the only way you can legitimately get free Multisim trial but this is how I
got it by following the instructions from the National Instruments website I
have all the steps right here feel free to pause the video or keep watching as I
will walk you through them I’ve searched for any deals or downloads first CCNY
students but I wasn’t successful if anybody knows about that feel free to
share it with us to get to the download page specifically for Multisim search:
“Multisim for education” and click on the link that leads to National Instruments
website and not third-party website then click on student download start free
trial option is a little different and I’ll tell you more about that in the end
of the video after you download the zipped 14.1 Multisim installer extract
it to wherever you want and run the executable when asked (for) product activation
code instead click on the “install product for evaluation” bullet and
proceed this is all the National Instruments themselves instruct you to
set up free student version on their website choose a directory for the
Multisim and after its installed go there and find the software. Initially it
will say that you have a 7-day evaluation period (which is the free
trial) but if you click the launch button the window will appear and that the
window will allow you to extend the evaluation period from seven days to 45
days by setting up your national instrument account
which I already have that’s why I only have 39 days left instead of 45. Now
about the start free trial: if you go that route you will end up downloading a
package manager which takes longer to install and also contains LabVIEW which
we don’t need but you can go and get a two if you’re interested I hope it
helped. Thanks for watching and I’ll post another video tomorrow about how to use
Multisim, useful keybinds (shortcuts) and some tips about our bridge rectifier project

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