How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website (2018)

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website (2018)

  • Neil don't listen to the haters. Keep friggen crushing it hard! That means being real, loud, direct, passionate, and motivated as hell. That's how you roll…screw the haters! 👍

  • Neil, this is Kevin from KS. Fuck what everyone else says I love your style of presenting lol Honestly if you presented like 3/4 of the people I try to learn digital marketing from on youtube I would lose hope and bang my head against the wall due to the boredom.

  • Omg I HATE that you are giving FREE advice and people are talking about the echo in your video and your energy…..ughhhhhhhhhhhh if they don't like you, they shouldn't watch you and get your FREE ADVICE!! People…………gesshhhhhhh. Thanks for the information. There are a lot of us who appreciate it and don't expect for you to make video's like you are a freaking Hollywood film maker!

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoyed reading your articles. However, if you could change your way of presenting it in front of a camera – it's very exhausting to watch your vids as it's too much room echo, too many cuts and a too rushed speech.

  • Hey Neil!! Thanks for this video! I already have a website, but no visitors! how do I add a landing page to my website that sells products on Amazon for my affiliates page? Should I add the products to my YouTube channel too? Do I really need social proof with selling stuff as an affiliate?? Thanks again, Neil!

  • Also you might go above and beyond but how many of your list actually $$

    I guess you make money from traffic now.. in different ways that don’t rely on people buying your product/ services

  • Agreed, good content. If I am being honest, I watched till the end just to see if he would start to hyperventilate.

  • Great video and I learned a lot. I work for a fundraising company. Do you think "Receive a 5% discount on your first order" is a compelling value proposition to offer to get people to sign up?

  • Neil GREAT content! We have an Independent Insurance Agency so for social proof I was thinking of incorporating our "HAPPY CUSTOMERS" Testimonials from the website. Let me know your thoughts and keep doing what you're doing my friend!!!

  • Hi man, thanx for the great info!! Can you maybe describe how you would refer to that same issue of landing pages but only from a perspective of a musical band? Thanx!

  • Hey Neil I love the content. Your suggestions we’re spot on. I’m selling CBD infused products. I’d like to generate more leads from retail brick and mortar businesses. Not sure how to add the “ value” to get them to opt-in. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Neil, I have a pop-up board game event company based out of Buffalo NY, what kind of social proof should I be trying to obtain? I have photos of people going to my events, and my advisor suggested I get quotes from my attendees, but is there anything else that I may need?

  • Officially in my top 3, along with income school & Brian G. All genuine guys or I'll eat my flip-flops.

  • I'm Just starting out as a facebook ads agency, targeting Small Businesses and id like to build some Social Proof. How can I get started?

  • After that last video today about SEO, I went and looked up work you are doing. I came to the conference for affiliate where you talk about landing pages. Apart from the joke about Indians having to be good at math or "else" (which is 100% true), I actually learned something and realized how rubbish my templated website is. So back to learning in 5 minutes I have free in a day.And I blame you if I go to "landing page creation" burnout.

  • I'm going to launch my website ( Clothing) in a few months,but i don't have many followers on Social media yet.What do i need to do to: 1.)Get more followers 2.)How do i get them to my Video Landing Page.(mailchimp)3.)And any other info to promote my website.

  • Hi Neil ,My self Sandesh Narkar.I am from India,Mumbai.
    I wanted to start my website creation firms for most of the people who are startups or an individual who don't have that much of money to create website in huge manner.I found that your videos are really helpful for me.I am confused on the point that what is my website name should be.Can u help me out?

  • Quick question, can I make changes to my Landing Page while in the middle of a FB campaign? Btw, great insight Neil, thank you.

  • We have a bathroom renovation company, so how could you use a landing page to increase businesses?
    We only get inquiries generated by visitors who come to our web site.
    So my question is, we create using say lead pages, but how do we get it out there?

  • I Love the tip on how to use the Highest Converting landing page!! But.,.. How do you find that page? I have google analytics but can't figure out how to find that? any help? Thank you!!

  • Im trying to sell a $15 Item, I have a website(WORDPRESS), looking for a landing page that can create My 20-second video, My Photo of the Item and a BUY NOW button linked to my Stripe Account which is what I use on my website. Is there such a product? No, not using my current WordPress Cart Plugin, that is too messy with all my other items.

  • Amazing video Neil! Great tips and also you need to test different landing pages to see which one convert the best. You are inspiring me to do the same on my channel!

  • Hi Neil, thank for the video! I just found you and I can see that you have a video for basically everything! Thanks and congrats!

    I just started working as part of the sales group of a small real estate agency with limited resources for marketing. My question is, besides a landing page, if you were to start from scratch to start getting leads, potential buyers, etc, what other things in combination would you do to achieve this.

    It would be amazing if you can do a Q&A about how to start an online real estate agency. I think these days there is so much technology that there are a lot of things that we can use as salesman to get ahead of the curve.

    Thanks again amigo!

  • So I just visited that ClickFunnel site he recommended.
    Am I the only one who thinks 'scam' when I see that horribly dated type of website design and layout?
    I wouldn't have thought that would be the best design to go with to maximise conversions.
    Also, it wasn't immediately obvious what they actually do. I had to read quite a lot to grasp what it was.

  • Thanks Neil for a great video. I am starting out on a sales page for my new online course and as its new, I dont have any testimonials. What do you suggest given that I dont have any. Thanks!

  • Hey Neil, using Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews as social proof for martial arts schools websites. Thoughts?

  • I cant believe all the negative comments.. Your negativity is why you will not succeed in your business.. Change your mindset💗

  • It’s pretty hard to make say, “good content” as I would love to but I’m only getting started in this and found it really confusing sorry. The search goes on to try and find basic explanations to getting the site set up for my blog and establishing a website! It’s so tiring……😞

  • We are Africa travel specialist and social proof is usually written feedback and sometimes photos from guests but would video work better ?

  • Whenever I hear digital marketing…along with that I also hear name of Neil Patel…😉its like
    Digital marketing =Neil Patel👍

  • Gracias por los consejos pero creo que sería mejor que se tome un vaso de agua con calma antes de hacer estos videos

  • Hey Neil I would like you to tell me what lead magnet should I give instead of pdf, guide… (I'm looking for something irresistible)
    Thank you so much

  • Another amazing video. Neil, thank you so much for all the effort you put into helping others. I wonder how to track where visitors came from to the landing page? Should each source of traffic have a different landing page? eg landingpage/book, landingpage/pinterest

  • Thanks Neil Good content. Do you have advice for best landing page design/copy for a book I am publishing?

  • Hey Neil, thanks again for a great Video. Do you have any examples for good landingpages (maybe one your agency created) to see an actual (or a few) Landingpages? Like a case study … ? Especially in B2B (my business) I find it hard to create LPs.
    Thank you!

  • Hey Neil! My particular product that I want to promote is a digital product (videos) that train people how to make money online using there social media and getting free traffic. The way I show people that it works is buy sharing the results of the team until I actually get my own proof of my sale. Is this the right approach?

  • Hello Neil, why don't you give advice on how to make a Landing Page that offers an innovative formula to produce concrete, or a new type of window frames, and the like? Why on the Web one can find examples "only and always" which refer to software, marketing services, mass-market products and never, never, never to B2B products and services that represent the REAL challenge for creatives and marketers alike? Writing content for a landing page on Oil & Gas or submarine water pumps products and services is not exactly like selling apps and SEO services. Don't you agree with me?

  • Thanks for explaining the click funnels because no one ever does, however, I need to create my own right now it's too expensive, but your tips I assume should work the same?

  • Hi Neil. I looooove listening to you coz you make it so easy to understand all these tech words. I have a question though, is it legal for me to add/share one of your videos (or anyone's) on my blog?

  • Hi Neil, what you recommend to test an idea for an online coaching course? Use the free trial for instapage or do a wordpress landing page with capture form? Thanks

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