How to Register — Continuing Education at Mohawk College

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In continuing education at Mohawk College, we offer
a wide range of programs and courses in many career
fields and areas of interest. To register for a course, you
can visit the school in person at Mohawk College and somebody
will be glad to help you through the registration
process. You can also register for a
course online from any computer; simply go to
CE.MohawkCollege.CA. On the right side,
select register, next, select select courses. Here you can search for your
courses with a code or keyword, or you can select
current CE catalog which will display
Mohawk’s entire course list. Select your desired course
and you will be brought to that course information page. This page displays time
frame, campus, and fees. Selecting register brings you to a similar page displaying
important information. From here, you can also choose
to add or remove other courses. Select continue when satisfied. You will then be directed
to the identification page. Enter your student
number and pin password. If you’re a new student,
select here at the bottom to register as a new student. Once identification and payments
are made, you’ll be brought to a confirm and submit page. Once continuing, you’ll
receive a confirmation page. A confirmation letter will
also be mailed to you. [ Music]

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