How To Sell An Online Course Before You Create It

in this video I’m gonna share with you how you can sell your online course before you ever even create it so you can save ton of hours and not waste the hours and save money too because you can be working on money-making activities my name is Rachel s Lee and I’ve done over six figures in my own digital programs so I’m gonna share with you is some things that I’ve learned along the way so the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make and new course creators make is that they make their course before they sell it they spend so much time outlining their program and guessing what people want and what people need and then recording the program and editing all the videos getting everything ready sticking it in the membership portal building funnels and doing all these things that they think they need to do and then no one buys and then they wonder why no one buys and it’s just because that’s the backwards way of doing it the right way to do it would be to sell it first so how do you even know if you have something that is sellable that people will even want and that takes us to the very first step you need to survey your audience so you can survey your audience in different ways you can actually send out a survey you can create a survey on a Google Form and post it on social media and ask people in your Facebook group or your Facebook friends or your Instagram followers your YouTube audience can you please fill out this survey so I can collect some data you can also send this out to your email list or your chat bot list and get people to fill out the survey I like using Google Forms because all the survey answers are in one spot but you can also survey your audience just by posting straight on social media some questions asking people some questions if I was do a training about blank what would you want to learn and you can also send this up to your email list if I was to do say a free drink if I was to do a free training about blank topic what would you like me to cover so if you get good answers answers that you can use and it’s obvious that there’s interest in this then you move forward if you get people saying not really interested in that at all you can take a step back or if the answers are not what you thought they would be take a look at those answers and analyze them and think well maybe my program needs to be a little bit more about what the people said that they wanted doing this market research isn’t only to help you create a really great program but also to help you with your sales messaging so when it comes time to sell the course via live training and webinar and sales pages and sales copy your messaging is speaking to the audience you’re giving right back to them exactly what they said they wanted so assuming you got some good answers then you do want to craft your free training your free training is really a webinar really it would be a sales presentation you would teach for about 40 minutes and then you would spend about 20 minutes pitching a low cost a low ticket live master class this is what I do this is what my colleagues do you don’t have to do these methods but these are what I found works the best so you do a free training and promote the free training to your audience and then as people watch the free training live you pitch at the end I’m live master class that’s anywhere from 97 to 250 dollars and you tell them this is a two to three hour live class I’ll teach you all the things you’re going to teach them have a list of things you’ll teach them and there will be live Q&A so you can make sure you get all of their questions answered during the live training plus give them lifetime access to the recordings and tell them you can join them for $147 but the price is gonna go up I am gonna sell this later as a complete 997 program so make sure you lock in your spot now and come to the training live so from there if you get buyers on the live stream or a few days after the live stream after you do some post promotion then you move forward and you actually teach that master class to your new students if you don’t get buyers it’s time to reassess don’t give up but do another live training with a different angle practice on your live presentation skills and your selling skills and keep presenting until you do get buyers so let’s say you get the buyers you move forward you present the live master class during that live master class as you’re engaging with your students you’re going to learn what’s missing in your program you’re gonna realize oh I should add this for my more refined program they’re also gonna want to know this I should expand on this maybe this one slide in my PowerPoint that I thought they needed they actually don’t need and you make sure to save all their QA save all their questions so you can put it in a more refined program also that’s depending on how you felt you don’t have to take it past a live master class you can relaunch the live master class again in three months but if you feel like this is a good angle you want to go and you want to raise the price and expand on it then I would move to the third level which I would call your betta course so your betta course is similar to your live master class I would sell it again with a live webinar but at the end instead of pitching a two to three hour live master class you’re pitching like a six week long course where you’re teaching them the content every single week plus there’s coaching QA group coaching private Facebook group they can ask questions this way it forces you to film your content and film all the modules and have a really great complete course and it takes the pressure off of you because you just have to deliver each each section each week I would sell a beta course for three hundred to six hundred dollars and then if your beta course went well you still feel aligned with your program and you feel like you’re ready to scale now that’s when then you would launch your refined finalized program maybe I actually wouldn’t use the word finalized because if this really is a program that you love you will consist you will constantly be updating it improving it making it better supporting the students you don’t have to include coaching but it will help you to include like weekly group coaching or you can have the even higher level a private mastermind and cell group coaching separately but for your more refined course your signature course you can sell that for thousand dollars two thousand dollars and you can sell that passively through an automatic webinar and you can also sell it actively through a live webinar and through be doing some active promotions such as sending out email broadcasts and posting to social media if you want more details about how all of this works the market research phase the beta masterclass phase the webinar phase the master class phase the beta course phase the signature course phase and even the higher ticket group coaching mastermind phase I do have a master class second phase available called profitable online programs where I teach you everything that I know from going to step A to Z this is for anyone who is tired of spinning their wheels when it comes to actually selling info products online some of you also have told me that you’re not sure what program at all that you would create and in the market research phase we brainstorm – on ideas of stuff that you can teach what your expertise is and how you could actually help people and get paid for it so all put information in the description below on the master class if you’re watching this in time you might have time to get in for the live master class and then if the live has already happened you can buy it on evergreen you can buy the the replays and all the resources and that’s also what I teach in the master class how to sell your live master class and how to package it up and sell the replays or expand on it and make it into a signature program I hope that you learn something new from this video and if you’re into this kind of stuff online business making money online working from home be sure to subscribe to the channel be sure to like this video be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have an online course or it’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing if you’re joining me in the master class let me know in the comments too and I’ll see you on the next video

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