How to Speed Up Your PS4 Loading Times | Twice as Fast!

Hi, there guys, today we gonna be show you,
How to speed up your PS4 Loading Time to another level. Here is the real-time demonstration
of how fast you can load a PS4 Game before and after applying this method.
As a gamer, the most disappointing thing to me is to wait on a loading screen forever
to get my game started. On the other hand, it is a problem that came with modern Game
consoles. If you were familiar, most of the vintage game consoles don’t have this issue
at all. As soon as you press the start button on any vintage console it will get the game
started in a blink of an eye, it isn’t because the games made for them is smaller in size,
there were pretty big for the time on that particular hardware, but it is because they
have used cartridges instead of spinning hard drives or CDs. Cartridges are basically like
a memory card from the modern era because it doesn’t have any moving parts inside,
so as soon as the console wants to read from the game data it will be sent to the appropriate
places within no time, and will result in instant loading time. But cartridges are very
limited in terms of the storage, and that’s why most of the CD-based game consoles ditched
them that came after them, but we have passed that time so far into the future, now we can
have both bigger capacity and fast storage together, Hope you have heard of the SSD’s,
and it can be replaced with your PS4’s hard drive. To be exact your traditional 2.5-inch
PS4 Hard drive can be replaced with a 2.5-inch SATA SSD. And believe me, it will make your
PS4 game loads super fast. Not only that it will make anything faster which depends on
reading or writing data from or to the hard drive, as well as it will make the whole system
more responsive, especially you will feel it when you interact with your system interface
after the upgrade. And before we start let me tell you, the console we are doing this
upgrade is on a PS4 Pro, but don’t worry, this method can be used on any ps4, including
the Original PS4 or the Slim model and it can achieve the same result. Before we start,
make sure you have backed-up all your necessary data from your ps4, because it required the
removal of your old PS4 Hard Drive, which contain all of your game data, save games
and so on, don’t worry we have more video to help you on that particular topic as well,
if you have any doubts on how to back up from the ps4 using various methods, please feel
free to check my other videos as well, will be in the video description once they are
uploaded. I hope you have backed up all the necessary things from your ps4 hard drive
at this point, So let me show you how to do the upgrade.
Before we start, make sure you have all the necessities it required. We need a Philips
head screwdriver, to be exact we are using a PZ0 Screw bit, but I hope most of the Phillips
head screwdrivers will do the job, then we need a flash drive with at least a gig of
free space, and finally the most essential part of them all the “SSD”, we are using
the Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD for the upgrade, but you don’t have to follow the exact one,
you can pick a SATA SSD from any brand up to 8tb of capacity because ps4 will only support
up to 8TB. To compare SSD’s performance in order to make your buying decisions more
easier you can go to this site, link will be in the video description. This video is
not a sponsored content, I mentioned the website only because I found it very useful when it
comes to a quick hardware comparison, It will definitely get you an overview. So let’s
flip the PS4 and get access to the hard drive caddy. You don’t have to flip your PS4 upside
down to open the hard drive section, but we are doing it anyway just to show you the instructions
in more clarity. Even if you wish to follow the exact way,
I recommend to place your ps4 in a soft surface, like a cloth or something, otherwise, it might
damage the upper base due to the unwanted substance rubbing against to your ps4, and
it may leave some permanent scratches to your console. So be sure you’re doing this on a
soft and clean surface. As you can see we are on the rare side of
the PS4 Pro, so from here you can see the cover which hides the ps4 hard drive caddy
behind, so gently put your finger into the gape of the cover and push it outwards which
will pop the cover out. And now you can clearly see the hard drive caddy which held in place
with a single screw, so go ahead and get the Phillips head screwdriver and gently unscrew
it. Now the caddy is free from the ps4 there is nothing else holding it in place, so use
your fingers again and pull it out gently like I’m doing here, don’t rush it out,
take your time. As you can see the ps4 hard drive is fixed
to the caddy by 2 screws on each side, so unscrew them one by one in order to separate
the hard drive from the caddy. Once you did that gently slide the hard drive out from
the caddy. And now it is time for SSD, let’s get it unpacked and get ready for the upgrade.
SSDs are getting pretty cheap at these days, You can get this Samsung Evo 1tb SSD for a
little above a hundred dollar, but for us, we have to pay double the price as compared
to the US, I have got this one for around 14000 Indian rupees, which is equivalent to
approx 200 USD at the time of making this video, anyway it’s still a nice deal, we
got used paying double the price for everything unlike the rest of the world. Anyway let’s
get back to the point and continue the upgrade, Once you have the SSD, take the caddy and
slide it in facing backside up, Now hold the SSD with a finger while holding the caddy
with the rest of them. Now align the screw hole of the SSD with caddy’s hole, Now be
patient and place the screws to the screw holes, I found it a little be tricky at first,
so try to spin the screws with hand at first until its partially screws in, and then use
the screwdriver to tighten them, which will make it a lot more easier, anyhow put all
the screws in one by one until it holds the SSD firmly and make sure you haven’t over
tightened them. And please note, the screw size of the caddy holder screw and the drive
holder screws are different, so don’t try to force them in if they won’t go in, make
sure you have picked the right screws and that way we can make sure we are not damaging
anything. So as you can see, we have attached the SSD to the Caddy and now it times to put
everything back inside. Side the caddy back into the ps4 and push it a little more to
make sure the SATA pin and the connector are connected firmly. And please don’t put the
caddy facing the wrong side, it might cause damage both to your PS4 and to the SSD. Our
ps4 is upside down, and there for we are putting the caddy the side up where you can’t see
the SSD. If you are doing this with a ps4 in a normal position, please do the vise Versa.
Hope you understood instructions clearly. Now take the caddy screw and screw it in.
once you did put this little plastic cover back to ps4 to hide the caddy like we are
doing here. Push it well and make sure you have heard a click, which will confirm the
cover is fixed appropriately. So it seems we have done everything on the hardware side
for the upgrade, So let’s put the ps4 back where it belongs and connect everything necessary,
once you got connected and booted up you will see this unusual bootup screen. Which is asking
you to connect the DUALSHOCK 4, because it forgot your previously paired DS4, So let’s
go ahead and connect the dual shock 4 using a micro USB cable to the ps4 and now press
the PS button. Don’t worry you are seeing this screen only
because by the removal of the hard drive we lost the ps4 firmware as well or for more
understanding it’s Operating system. So let’s go to a computer and get it first.
We are using the sony’s official source to get the PS4’s latest firmware, the direct
link to the website will be linked in the video description, once you are on the website,
scroll down until you find the download instruction section, once you found it, under the section,
you will see a link which says ‘agree to terms and download update’, click on it,
and it will get the download stared, it is a single file which will size nearly 500 MBs,
So wait for the download process to complete, and once it finished go to the download location
and copy the file. Now plug in the flash drive that I mentioned in the beginning, and go
to the flash drive location and delete if you have anything there, also I will suggest
a quick formant if it’s not too much. Now please pay close attention. Once you are in
the Pendrive, create a folder named ‘PS4’ with no space and in caps, now open it and
create another folder inside the PS4 folder named ‘UPDATE’ in all caps. Now open the
UPDATE folder and paste the firmware that we have just downloaded. Now make sure it
is named ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’, I’m a warning about this because, if you have download something
in the same name before to the same location, your computer might automatically change its
name, and will cause an error when we installing the firmware. So please make sure you are
doing everything properly. Now you can remove the flash drive from the computer, and plug
it into one of your ps4’s USB port. Now select ok and press the cross button, now
wait for some time and you will be asked, “The PS4 will be initialized. All users
and all data will be deleted. Are you sure you want to continue?” So choose ‘Yes’
and press the cross button. Which will be starting the firmware installation process.
It might take a while, and automatically restart the system several times during the installation.
So wait until it finishes and make sure you have a sturdy power source and don’t try
to turn off your PS4 while the process because it will corrupt the system. And there we go
it has just shown the PlayStation log and as you can see we have successfully installed
the firmware. Now we have to set up the PS4 from the beginning because now it’s just
like a ps4 that just came out of the factory. I know it’s a little hard and time-consuming
doing all these hard works just by your self, but in the end, it is totally worth the effort.
So, reconnect your Dual Shock 4 controller once again using a micro USB cable and press
the PS button. Now the controller is paired permanently so you can use it in wired or
wireless mode for the further initialization process. So let’s do it real quick, I’m
sure you don’t need a tutorial for this setup process, because I know it’s a pretty
straight forward one. So see you once we did. And there we go we have almost there, so let’s
choose a user profile, choose user1, and you can see we have done the initial PS4 setup,
Now we have to connect to our PSN account, So open your PlayStation store icon which
is an easier way to sign in to the PlayStation network. Type in your login conditionals and
sign in. Now you can restore all your digital downloads from the store, and game backup
from the cloud, or If you have backed up them to an external source you can restore everything
that way. So let me do that real quick and come back. As you can see now we have restored
everything on to the new and upgraded SSD, So I’m ready to play my games without
ever worrying about those insanely slow loading times. So that’s how you can speed up your
PS4 loading time. I hope you liked the video, leave a like if you do, wanna watch more subscribe
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And don’t forget to comment on your experience and opinions, and that how I get inspired
to create more for you. This is your host Amal Rafeeque, see you soon with another one.

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