How to Study Effectively: 5 Advanced Tricks | Must Watch Tip for Students

What is that one thing you dread most during
your school life? Exams!! We all have come across situations where in we fail to study
things and give a poor performance during our tests. We feel that some of the courses
are just too difficult to understand or maybe there are some courses which we are not able
remember? I have seen parents forcing their kids to study hard but the result is not good
most of the time. Lesser did they know that they were forcing their kids unknowingly towards
failure. You might have come across various trick on
internet on how to study which you felt that you already knew. Those are just basics but
what I am talking about here are some advanced techniques on how to study. This video is
dedicated to all the students and parents out there who can make use of some advanced
techniques on how to study or make their kids study effectively.
Hello Everyone, I am Divyanshu. You are watching Boost Your Brain and in this video I am going
to tell you some really amazing tricks which can change the way you study. If you are new
to this channel, consider subscribing as I keep bringing videos which can really help
you in life. So, let�s begin. Trick no 1: Spaced Repetition
You might have noticed that if some ad is played time and again on TV, it gets registered
into our brain. That�s called repeating the information so that we can remember it.
Now you might say – Hey, you promised at the start of video that you will give some advanced
tricks but this one is the most basic thing about study. Well, actually, the trick is
not about repeating the information rather it is on what interval are information supposed
to be repeated. Spaced repetition is an art of studying things at bigger and bigger interval
of time. It takes advantage of how our brain processes a new information that is put in.
A German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghnaus did a whole lot of research and made this
forgetting curve which explains when our brain forgets an information that is put in. If
we look at it, we can easily find out that we can remember only 58% of what we studied
after 20 minutes. After 1 hour it drops to 44%, after 9 hours 36% and so on it goes on
to drop till 21% in one month. So what we need to do is force our brain to remember
things what we studied at those time intervals when it is going to forget most of it. First
review must be done immediately. Then second review after 20 minutes or maybe you can adjust
it to 40 minutes. Repeat again if you forget. Keep reviewing and repeating at time intervals
where you tend to forget things. Using this technique, you can save your forgetting curve
from dropping and hence, remembering what you studied. The best way is to use a SRS
i.e. Spaced Repetition Software but I will give you the intervals at which you can repeat
information to memorize it better. 1st Review: Immediately
2nd Review: 20-40 minutes 3rd Review: 9 hours
4th Review: 24 hours 5th Review: 1 week
6th Review: 1 month Once you start getting results, you can re-adjust
the intervals according to what suits your learning style.
Trick no 2: Corson Technique While we are studying, there are some points
where we just hit the wall. If it�s a numerical problem, we don�t know the next step and
if it�s theoretical, we just won�t understand the concept. In those situations, we ask our
professors and that�s where Corson Technique comes into picture. This technique was developed
by Dale Corson, 8th president of Cornell University and it says that before you ask your professor
a question, pause and ask yourself this question: What is it that I don�t understand? Usually
what happens is when we go to professor, we show our notes and we say that we don�t
understand this or maybe we name a topic saying I have doubts in this topic, but once you
ask yourself this question, you will exactly know where you got stuck and while asking,
you can pin point saying � Professor, I was able to understand it till this point,
but this the place where things got a little bit shaky. Not only it impresses your professor
with your preparations and the kind of effort you have put in but you are also working to
practice the art of recognizing confusion. Most of the time we feel that we are not understanding
a certain topic but the truth is it�s only a few sections of the topic that we don�t
understand. Practising this technique makes us efficient in knowing what exactly our doubts
are and we can focus exclusively on that. Trick no 3: Method of Loci
This trick goes back to the Greek and Roman time and it�s an amazing trick to memorize
anything. Memory champions all over the world use it to memorize almost anything. To let
you all know, I have a whole video dedicated to it so make sure you check that out here.
For those of you who have no idea what it is, well, we use visual memory and memory
palace to link and associate things in order to remember it better. This is an advanced
technique which usually helps when you have a lot of data to work with. You will be amazed
to see how good it works and your memorization speed can improve up to 10 times.
Trick no 4: Improve the Pomodoro Technique Now you may have heard about Pomodoro Technique,
most of us talk about it, but in case you have not, it is a technique where you set
a timer for about 25 minutes and you work only on one task during that 25 minutes session.
Then you take a 5 mins break and again you start for next 25mins session. I think a lot
of people do this and it�s very useful but there are some areas for improvement which
a lot of people don�t take advantage of like:
1. Take a 45 minutes session and 15 minutes break instead of a classic 25mins-5mins structure.
You can experiment with these time intervals and choose what works best for you.
2. Put a piece of paper next to you during a Pomodoro session and whenever anything comes
up that distracts you, like phone call, texts, Facebook or anything, write it down. Doing
this can help you take care of urgent things during your breaks and it can even let you
know about the common problems that you face while concentrating. Once you practice Pomodoro
sessions over and over for months, you will exactly know what your problems are and you
can effectively work on improving it. Like if it�s your phone which keeps buzzing,
don�t forget to keep it on Do Not Disturb mode before you start a session, or maybe
if there�s some website drawing you in, you can plan to block it or check it only
during the breaks which you get between the sessions.
Trick no 5: Mnemonics There are three types of Mnemonics:
1. Acronyms 2. Acrostics
3. Rhymes Acronyms is basically making a word out of
first alphabets of something that we want to remember. The greatest example of this
method is VIBGYOR. We use this word to remember the correct order of colour in which white
light disperses into after passing through a prism and i.e. Violet Indigo Blue Green
Yellow Orange Red. Similarly take first alphabets of things you want to remember and then make
a word. Now you only need to remember that particular word.
Acrostics: Now every one of us might have used this technique at some point of time
in our life. I used it many times and the most common was to remember the names of 9
planets in correct order. So what we do is we take first alphabets of all the nine plants
and make a meaningful sentence out of it which is easy to remember like for 9 planets: My
very educated mother just showed us nine planets. Now we write down the first alphabets of each
word of this sentence and now we can easily relate that the first planet is Mercury, then
Venus, Earth, Mars and so on. Using this method, you can create a meaningful line to remember
a meaningless data in correct order. Rhymes: In this technique, we put the data
to be remembered in a rhythmic form. It is of great help while memorizing periodic tables.
So these were 5 important tricks which can really help you in studies. There are many
more techniques out there which can be used to study effectively. Do let me know in the
comments if you want me to make another video with some more study techniques. Now the reason
why I made this video is because exams are near and everyone is looking for tricks on
how to study well and score good marks. In case you want me to make videos on some specific
topics like on how to score good marks or maybe how to study during exams or anything,
you can drop a comment and I will try to make it before your exam starts.
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