How To Study History | Philosophical Biases

The majority of people that I interacted with in the universities over all the years and in debates, I concluded that they rejected the Christian faith, not because they examined the evidence, but because of their philosophical bias. Dr. Ernest Renan said this, and he was honest,
he said, “There is no such thing as a miracle.” Now was that because he studied history and
examined the evidence No. Notice what he says, “Therefore the Resurrection did not take place.” He did not come to the conclusión because of historical investigation, but because of a philosophical bias or prejudice against the supernatural. Dr. Ron Sider, a historian, to me, has one of the best
attitudes or mentalities in approaching history. Notice what he says, “What does the critical historian do when his evidence points very strongly to the reality of an event which contradicts his expectations and goes against the naturalistic view of reality. I submit that he must follow his critically analyzed sources. It is unscientific to begin with a philosophical
presupposition that miracles cannot occur. Unless we avoid such one-sided pre-
suppositions,” now notice his conclusión is true, “historical interpretations becomes mere propaganda. We have a right to demand good evidence for an
alleged event which we have not experienced, but we dare not judge reality by our limited experience.” And I say to you after my examination of Christianity,
I concluded we have good evidence for the Resurrection. I’ve always said that there’s two questions I need answers to
when I examine history and want to discover truth. One is: Does that event; is that truth, coincide or
correspond with reality; with what really happened. Second: Is there sufficient evidence to support it? And I concluded with Christianity, it does correspond with reality, in other words what really happened and there is sufficient evidence to support it. And I’ve written over 100 books, completely
documented on how I concluded, “It is true.”

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