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  • The American taxpayer funded the creation of the EpiPen, which was developed for the armed forces as the "ComboPen."
    This is public information so why in the world one greedy company has the monopoly on it and charge so much when it cost only a couple of dollars to make?
    Russia gave thousands of these pens to Iran during the war against Iraq.

  • One of the cheapest Drugs to make. The company raised the price for no reason other than rampant, out of control greed! Over $600.00 for one dose! It cost less than a nickel to make 1mg of epinephrine. Shameful! The CEO of Mylan should be fired.

  • When epipen should be used. after stung or when simphtomes occur?? My mother got stung by hornet and anaphylactic shock occured after 1 hour. After 1 hour all started, and in 5 min she had neck pain, swollen eyes and blurres vision. I take her to hospital and on road we met the ambulance. I was quick and ambulance came fast, so, in 10 min shw was ar hospital on adrenaline. She refused to go at hospital after bite, cuz she was stung in the past and nothing happened

  • What I dont like though is how they say call 911 so easily. Its so expensive. I understand it may be life threatening but….poor

  • Useful video, though I would have recommended to put the part of the video with the instructions right at the start instead of 3/4th the way through. This is the first video that pops up when searching for info on epi-pens. Could be that someone doesn't know how to use it but wants to quickly find out how to use it because someone went into anaphylactic shock and doesn't want to waste 2 or more minutes on an intro in such a situation.

  • In my opinion, the biggest scam on the public by the drug company Astra Zeneca is the Prilosec-Nexium scam. When the patent on Prilosec expired , that company came out with "Nexium" which is the same drug. The FDA let them do it because they mixed the chimerity of the molecule and changed the name. It's the same drug and doesn't work any better but cost a lot more. Shameful!!

  • Thank you Margaret Sanders for giving us instructions to watch this video. Our students are safer because of your help!

  • I am 25 and I have to use an epipen for the first time and I'm really scared. I am making a comment instead of using the pen

  • It costs $600 for a twin-pack in the US?!?! That's disgusting! It costs $38 here in Australia! And is free if you've reached the Medicare safetynet. Why does the American government give no shits about its own people?! It makes me mad that such a wealthy country has a third world healthcare system. It's not right.

  • Please either retitle or put a caption link to 2:55 when the instructions actually begin. This is being accesed in emergencies.

  • I’m allergic to watermelon and banana but It’s not severe it only makes my young and throat itch and water stops the itching in 5 mins

  • Thanks 🙏🏽 I started to have food allergies with shrimp 🍤 it was bad my lips 👄 where swollen my eyes & my lips where having these bumps it was itchy my throat hurt so bad I got a Epipen given for these situations

  • Good video, but I just need to let everyone know one thing, when you come to a point when you actually have to use the real Epi pen, not the trainer, you don’t wait til you hear a click. You literally jab it into your leg because waiting to hear a click could mean life or death. Also, I’m pretty sure you just have to wait 3 seconds; not 10.

  • EpiPen training was not mentioned when I went to nursing school in 1993. When I was shown an EpiPen I had no idea on how to use it, as the device was confusing and not user friendly. This video cleared up a LOT of things about it, things that nursing school and the EpiPen trainer never shared with me. The importance of this medication should compel EpiPen makers to make them EASY to understand and use. How about two large red arrows pointing towards the injecting end? This was a major point of confusion since no one ever trained on which end was the injecting end. Also, in this day and age EpiPens are VERY expensive and VERY hard to obtain, with most pharmacies not having them at all. I'm just saying, they really need to get their act together on this life saving medicine.

  • I hate my not allergy because I’m allergic to hazelnut and pecans and walnuts and I don’t really know what pecans are and I still don’t know how to use the epipens

  • To YouTube, Google and the people who posted this video. When you are experiencing a life threatening emergency and search YouTube for Epipen instuctions, you want INSTRUCTIONS URGENTLY!!!, not 3 minutes of advertising.

  • I had a nightmare that my sister died of an allergic reaction so now I’m here watching this at about 3am in the morning.

  • I’m allergic to nuts and my adrenaclick saved my life adrenaclick is a different brand of epipen btw thank you for teaching me how to use an epipen

  • Its very scared that knowing that u could die from allergies. I personally get stressed knowing that u can get stung or anything at any time. I went to a trip today and i was so shook i didn't go. I hate allergies because i have like 34 please be couscous of what u are doing and if ur face swells up u go to a doc and they will check u out by doing a blood test.

  • I'm severely allergic to dairy and I'll die if i eat it, and i ate it, but i didn't do an epipen! Benadryl my buddy ❤

  • The videos never show how much was used – how to read the little window that shows the amount. Damn it!!

  • Asian Hornets

    People of the United Kingdom
    This news is not a hoax,
    If you suffer from anaphylaxis
    Make sure you have antidote.

    The Asian Hornet is coming
    One sting can kill it's true,
    For those with anaphylaxis
    Keep Epi Pen on you.

    Epinephrine autoinjectors
    Are hand-held devices you see,
    They can save a persons life
    If they are used properly. (ee)

    Carried by those who suffer
    From severe allergic reaction,
    If you suspect anaphylaxis
    Then you must take action.

    In short they're called Epipen,
    If not given person may die,
    The ideal spot is in the middle
    Of the outer side of thigh.

    It can be used through clothing
    Don't get yourself in a flap,
    Take Epipen out of the case
    Now pop off the cap.

    Place in hand and make a fist
    Now you must be bold,
    Whilst Epipen is in your fist
    Press into thigh! Click! Hold!

    Make sure you hear the click
    Hold for seconds ten,
    Ask the person if they have
    An additional Epipen.

    For a better understanding
    Please follow link below,
    This will take you to youtube
    For life saving video.


    William Mckechnie
    Health in Rhyme from Amazon Kindle

  • Thanks for putting valuable information on as you said that more and more children are getting food allergies nowadays.

  • Thank you for this life-saving information. All of us parents and guardians could benefit from learning this in order to protect our precious children.

  • Big Pharma, Big Food Companies, Congress, The ungodly Big Corporations who are bent on Profit at costs ARE the ones responsible for these NEW AGE Allergies. And this doctor and others like him want to have us believe that this is NORMAL?
    1 out of 20 Kids ? that is 5% if my math is right, but the truth of the matter is that the number is much higher much like %10 to 20 Percent. The criminals now day wear suits, they talk nice, and they have Doctoral degrees and PhD's . The common denominator between these so called white collar criminals and knife wielding psychopath is that you both don't have a conscience.

  • Actually… Epipens have a risk off uhh… killing you and stopping your heart. So uhh… why am I seeing this video and there is no warning anywhere about that part?

  • I wish these were cheaper 🙁 I don’t have insurance rn so I can’t really afford one . Yesterday night I had a really bad allergic reaction and my whole body broke out in bumps and my skin was burning and red and my throat was closing up . It was so scary and thankfully I got to the ER on time . The ER visit was so expensive so I can’t afford to pay for this I have to pay for the ER visit first 🙁

  • Watching this after I heard a kid died after someone threw cheese on him which caused a fatal allergic reaction 🙁

  • I recently got allergy shots to do at home 3x a week
    1 shot on each arm…I'm not afraid of the shots but I'm afraid of the EpiPen…it looks like it has a 2in needle 🤦‍♂️

  • Despite the unnecessarily long intro, this video saved my dad. He had a severe allergic attack, and I didn’t know how to use his epipen. Thank you so much for these simple to follow instructions, you saved my dad.

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