How to Use the CleanCore Fill Station

The Academy of Cleaning Excellence is
back here at Gem Supply and today, Hector and I, we’re going to talk to you about the fill station and the caddy. Hector’s going to demonstrate how it works and how to maintain and operate it, come on back we’ll show you how to do it. In order to fill any type of working container, you must do one thing first, this hose must always go into my working container. So in this case I’m going to
fill up the pressurized bottle, I take the hose and put it in I’ve already got my water source turned on to the unit. Immediately when I turn on the button I
will get the chemical flow. You can hear it doing that. The minute you turn it off, the flow stops. Now I can use this to fill up any other working container, such as a squirt bottle or a closed unit charging system. Now Hector, in just a minute is gonna show you how we fill up automated equipment. So what Hector’s gonna do is he’s going to show you how we fill up a carpet
extractor that’s what we have here You can fill up an auto scrubber the same
way. The first thing you need to do is just what we did with the pressurized bottle you put the hose into the unit. Whenever you turn the unit on
immediately our chemical is now being dispensed into the unit. Make sure that you shut your unit off before you pull the hose out. And that’s how you fill up any type of automated equipment.

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