How to Use the Jamboard App in Education (First Day of Jamboard)

Hi, everyone. This is Annie Schroeder here to give you
a demo of Google Jamboard. Jamboard is an app that students
can download onto their Chromebooks from the Google Play Store. Jamboard is a collaborative
digital whiteboard, so there are drawing tools
and highlighter tools that can bring in pictures from the web
and clips from the web, but they can also bring in
any document from their Google Drive. So I’m going to show you
what that looks like over here. I have brought in
a Google Slides presentation. So it comes in as this small little icon,
and then I can click on it to open it, and then I can scroll
through my slides here and I can pull out
any slide that I’d like. I can zoom in on it; I can write on it,
so I could solve a math problem on it or draw a picture or highlight
important information. When I’m done with it, I can minimize it and I can get rid of it or I can save it
somewhere on my Jamboard. You can bring out multiple slides
if you want or just one. As I said, it’s also collaborative, so an entire class could be
shared on one Jamboard all collaborating in real time, so as a student is writing
on their touchscreen Chromebook, then other students would see
that writing as it’s happening. It can be shared
between just a few students, but it also doesn’t have
to be collaborative, it could be done individually
as I’m doing right now for this demo. There are great tools
such as this selection tool that allows you to resize
and move your writing, it’s great for revising and editing things that you’re designing
or creating on Jamboard. There are some fun drawing tools, so this is calledAuto Draw. It’s going to take my tree
that I tried to draw there. It recognized
that I’m trying to draw a tree and then gave me
a much nicer tree to use right there. You can bring in clips from the web, so right here I have snapped
a clip from the web, an article about the uses
of Google Jamboard in the classroom. So these are just a few things
that you can do with Google Jamboard. When I think about
how it could be used in a classroom, I always default to how
I would use it in a classroom, so as a secondary math teacher
where students work in teams of four, I was thinking that this could be
a great tool to increase collaboration between the teammates on a math problem. So for example, here I would assign
each student on the team one of these problems to do, and they would all be shared
on one Jamboard, and they could zoom in on their problem
that they are assigned to do, change the color here, and they can do their work,
show their work and then all students
could be working at the same time. They could be seeing each other’s problems and since all the work is right here
on one page together hopefully there’d be some increased
collaboration checking of each other’s work and things like that. Jamboard is also a great tool
for sketchnoting and concept mapping, so students can really use arrows
and the auto draw tool as well as their own designs
to represent things visually. It can be used for quick warm-ups
or closure activities using arrows and bubbles,
they can illustrate their connections between vocabulary words
or ideas or concepts. This is an example of a word window, so students could bring in
pictures from the web. They could draw pictures. These boxes that you see
come from the add tool, and there’s lots
of different templates here, and I just selected
the one that you see there. You can annotate over images
that you bring in from the web or from your Google Drive. And there are lots of different
backgrounds that you can use. So here I have a dot paper,
graph paper, lined paper and black or blue as solid backgrounds. So, some ideas of how Jamboard
can be used in the classroom is digital storytelling. Students could create presentations as I am kind of demoing
in this presentation, collaborative brainstorming, note-taking,
lots of applications for design thinking and having students create things. Also a great thing
about Google Jamboard is that, because it is a Google product,
all jams are stored in your Drive. So this is a picture of my Drive, and you can see I’ve got this Jamboard
that I’m working on right there. It also has full
Google Classroom Integration, so I have selected a Jamboard
to assign students and I can either have all students
view the file or all student can edit it so that would be the whole class
editing one Jamboard or I can make a copy for each student
in Google Classroom. I hope this has been helpful, thanks.

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  • So I'm not as tech savvy as I'd like to be – my Jamboard on my computer doesn't have these same buttons and features. Is there a way to update this?

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