Human Resources Management Program Preview – Presented by McMaster Continuing Education

– [Sarah] Welcome to the Human Resources Management Program preview where we will give you a rundown of the Human Resources Management Diploma here at McMaster Continuing Education. My name is Sarah McMath and I will be facilitating
the session today. We offer a Diploma in
Human Resources Management and the program is designed for anyone wishing to
work in human resources or a related field or those pursuing their
CHRP and CHRL designations on the HRPA. The five core courses
you are required to take are Human Resources
Management, Talent Acquisition, Labour Relations, Organizational
Behaviour and Compensation. Then you can choose four electives for a total of nine courses. Elective options include
training and development, business, finance and accounting, occupational health and safety, wellness in the workplace and some more. There is no set order in which
you must complete courses, but we highly recommend that you start with Human Resources Management
as this course does give you a solid overview of all the
units within an HR department. The HR Management Program offers three different learning formats: in-person, online and blended. Each course takes about
six to eight hours a week to complete over the
span of 12 to 13 weeks. In-person format requires you to meet at our downtown
Hamilton Campus once per week for three hours a week. The online format requires you to participate in weekly readings, online discussion boards,
recorded webinars and assignments, but you do not need to log
in at any specific time and you can complete the coursework when it suits your schedule
so long as you meet deadlines. The blended format requires you to meet with your instructor
and classmates each week online as well as in-person three to
four times throughout the term at our downtown Hamilton Campus. By completing the Human
Resources Management Program, you will receive a university diploma from McMaster University
Continuing Education. In addition to this, many of our HR Management courses offered by McMaster Continuing Education satisfy the academic requirements of the Human Resources
Professional Association. The designations issued by
Professional Associations can further enhance your career potential. There is no application required to enrol in the Human
Resources Management Program. You can simply go to our
website and enrol online so long as you meet the
criteria shown here. You must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or be a mature student or be deemed an exceptional case. Please ensure that you meet
these program requirements if you are a new Canadian
or an international student. You can refer to the
website for more information or contact us if you are unsure. Graduates of the Human
Resources Management Program work in a number of areas
within the HR field. Some examples are career transition, human resources generalist,
labour relations, organizational development,
training and development, compensation, human resources manager, occupational health and safety, recruitment or workplace accommodations. Working in HR is a
successful career choice. The average base pay in
Ontario would be around $61,000 as a generalist or coordinator role and could go up to
$95,000 as an HR manager. Those figures are based on professionals who have a university diploma or above. By completing a diploma
in human resources, you are increasing your average
annual salary right away. It’s also important to note that there has been an
increase of 10% in HR jobs posted in the last two years. The program can be completed
on your own schedule. Many of our students take between one or two courses per term. And with this workload, you could finish in as
little as 20 months. Other students may take a full-time load and enrol in three or
four classes per term, finishing the program within a year. I’ll just take a moment here to show you the schedule and fees for our HR program to give you a better idea
of the scheduling of courses and how you might structure your program. You can see here that
anything shown in white is offered in-person, pink is blended and the gray is online. Okay, I think we’ve answered
all the questions here. So thanks again very
much for joining us today and have a great rest of your day.

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