Hussars tankie Alan Tizzard recalls a Cold War Frontline

What they didn’t tell you of course was
that the NATO or as it was at that particular time just simply the allied divisions there
were two and a half British Divisions there were in total including the Americans and
the French and the other nations that were involved nineteen and a half and hey they
didn’t mention there were a hundred and fifty three Russian tank divisions we were
to hold them for three days as we retired back towards the Rhine and by that time the
reinforcements would be with us. I didn’t really occur to us as young men as we were
at that time that your endurance going towards whomever you be going would be eight hours.
You had what was approximately eight hours of fuel you had the complement of ammunition
you had and hey you were it there were no reinforcements so really the three days bit
was a pretty pointless thing to say because you go in the direction and nobody coming
there and after all you were probably outnumbered probably twenty seven – twenty eight tanks
to one so if you knocked out every shell you fired it took out a Russian tank which was
pretty unlikely anyway we wouldn’t miss them.

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