I Was Wondering Contest

I was wondering if anyone else out there was wondering? So I wanted to invite teachers and their students to enter our big contest. We love big questions and we want to hear from all the kinds of kids, you too! Here’s how you do it. One: watch one of our I Was Wondering videos. Hey, watch all of them. Two: try the lesson plan that comes with it. Three: make something with your class that shows that you’ve had a chat about this idea. It could be a podcast, a video, a poster, or even a small booklet. Four: send us this classroom masterpiece. We want to see thousands and thousands of kids like me having great discussions about big questions. Hey, I’ve already done six. Well, how hard could it be right? Check out the description of this video for a link to the official rules and regulations . If you haven’t already, Subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website for lots of great resources for kids, parents, and teachers! Annnnnd….Go!

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