IB or AP? Parents and Students Must Watch this Video to Know Which Is Better

that’s a good question why do you want
to go to an AP program or IB program right because your parents want you to
well there’s several things IB was IB IB and AP are good because in a sense
they prepare you for university level academically and what it does is if you
do well if you score well in an IB or AP program you get advanced placement so
you get extra credits so you might not need to take Biology 101 if you score
six and above on Bio and in IB Bio HL and so that saves you money right now is
actually saving you money if you’re forking out 30 grand to go to your
private school for IB I don’t think it’s saving you money in the long run but but
some parents like that now the IB what’s good about it the IB is good because
it’s got several elements that is aligned with academia so at Oxford you
work for a supervisor and you write a thesis that is basically what the IB
program is modeling you work with a supervisor that supervises you on
writing your extended essay there’s also the theory of knowledge the TOK course
which is basically what allows you to answer epistemological questions look
how do you know what you know is real how you know what you know is true so
these are very important questions because you it’s it’s the building
blocks of critical thinking so IB prepares you for that IB also gives you
the volunteer hours where you go out and you volunteer and you get in touch with
more you get in touch with people right you’re not on a high tower you’re not on
an ivory tower studying academic stuff and you’re detached from the world
doing humanitarian work forces you to be in touch with people stuff and it get
makes you empathetic it develops compassion in you so IB is good for that
now IB is not good for what it’s not good for sports right there’s no sports
built into that curriculum there’s no end music right well music it
if fosters individual musicianship but it doesn’t do orchestra or symphonic
band or what not right so there’s some weaknesses in IB but if you do the IB
diploma the whole the whole thing then you basically have a very set curriculum
you have to follow now AP on the other hand is more simple right there’s
straight forward credits that you can take and then you get advanced placement
for them so AP is less committal you can take IB credits and those can be applied
as well so you can do that with IB you technically but but IB is good
because of its well-rounded program but at the same time is this what you’re
looking for is this what you want to do in the future if you want to develop a
career in sports I’d say get out of IB if you want to be a musician get out of
IB right so once again it comes down to what do you want to be in the future
what is your career goal if you haven’t figured that out then what university
you’re in what high school curriculum you’re taking it doesn’t make sense so
once again you have to plan forward ten years down the road what do you want to
be and that’s really tough because we don’t know what ten years we’re gonna be
like ten years later so you gotta put in that work

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