Inholland – Students and lecturer about Mathematical Engineering (EN)

Mathematical Engineering is a
combination between mathematics and IT so it is both using mathematics for IT and IT for mathematics. This programme focuses on the back-end. Making applications that are
not just flashy but they are efficient and they
keep working when the amount of data grows and when the amount of users grows. You can prove that they are secure so they’re usable in financial systems in banks where it is very important that you can prove that things will always work correctly. First there are courses on core mathematics. Those are about calculus or linear algebra. Then we have mathematics focused on IT. That’s for instance cryptography, algorithms and data structures. And then we have the IT courses That’s databases, programming and networking. And finally we have our projects and in our projects we combine everything. The lessons are very practical. We have a lot of interaction with the teacher so you’ll get a lot of feedback on your work. Okay so you first need to develop the screen. The benefits of doing an international course is first the multicultural environment. You learn a lot of things about new people and it’s in English so everyone can apply. Students who finish this program end up in all sectors of IT. Some of them work in software houses some of them work in banking systems or for companies like Tomtom or Philips. For my internship I would like to end up at Facebook or Google. So I aim for something quite high. So far I really like it I like the Netherlands. I like Amsterdam very much. and I love my study.

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