Is Continuing Education right for you?

hey everyone alison with platinum
resumes and as you may have seen in a previous post today we are going to be
discussing choosing whether or not to go down the avenue of continuing education
alright as much as I’m compelled to sing to you back to school in the tone of
Billy Madison I will spare you that but I did want to let you know that I
seriously considered it and now that that’s in your head you’re welcome okay
so continuing education we’re really thinking about weighing out the pros and
cons it’s not a one-size-fits-all decision it’s very personal for everyone
but we want to sit down and kind of weigh out the cost versus reward and
really that return on investment you know your time your money is it worth it
to you know the numbers don’t lie
neither do Shakira’s hips but the numbers don’t lie
on average somebody with a higher degree a master’s degree earn seventeen
thousand dollars more a year on average than somebody with a bachelor’s
oftentimes not always so don’t attack me I will pretty much ironic I was going to
say this I will pretty much always never be extreme always or never but
oftentimes so many with a master’s degree earned $17,000 more than somebody
with a bachelor’s but this doesn’t just have to be looking at going to graduate
school this could be looking at getting a certificate or some other kind of
license within your industry or a new industry that you’re looking to get into
as well okay we also don’t have to think of this cost as strictly being on your
own many times employers will often offer tuition reimbursement as well we
need to ask we need to take the initiative we need to be proactive
and it always looks good on us in the employers eyes that we are looking to
improve our skillset and be a better employer make more dollars for them too
so having that tuition reimbursement may be an option it doesn’t hurt to ask and
if you don’t ask the answer’s always no always remember that okay
something else we want to really study up on that maybe if you’re looking for a
promotion or you’re looking to completely have a different change in
career field that to study up on that job to study up on that career and what
kind of requirements are they going to look for and what kind of salary boost
could that bring to you that might be a quick easy answer for your return on
your investment if that’s going to boost your salary quite a bit for you to go
and have some continuing education definitely something to think about
something else I want to address is a great time to talk about this with our
employers is during an annual review this is the perfect time where they may
ask you you know what are your goals what are your aspirations with this
company where do you see yourself in five years and that’s the perfect
opportunity to say that you would like to really explore getting to the next
level having some continuing education and if they could assist you in that how
much better of an employee you would be for them again doesn’t hurt to ask but
those are great times to talk about it some other great things you may not even
think about when going into continuing education is the networking
opportunities that you’re going to have there you know meeting your professors
but meeting other people meeting your peers that are could be in varied stages
and varied industries but it’s an awesome opportunity to meet others and in a different setting it’s also an opportunity to kind of stay
up on current trends for your industry and really just have a different
possible perspective as well by having that continuing education so again this
is not one size fits all for everybody but you’re investing in yourself you
having an education is something that no one else can take away from you and you
have that it could be priceless for you so I want to share one little quick
thing I do have my master’s degree and a tip that I would share is don’t rush in
to going right from high school to bachelors to graduate to an advanced
degree I did wait a year and I am so happy that I did get my master’s degree
but I have to say the one thing that I was a bit regretful of is many many of
my peers were full into their careers when they were in graduate school and so
be able to take those nuggets of information and readily utilize them in
their day-to-day professional lives and really bring those you know testimonies
those anecdotes those case studies from their jobs into the classroom was very
very helpful so that’s something to consider as well is really the utility
of what you’re looking to gain alright my friends another wonderful discussion
with you with professional tips Alison with platinum resumes let me know what
you want to hear about thank you for joining us follow us on YouTube
Instagram Facebook the world is your oyster my friends have a lovely one see
you soon

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