ISI Nagano: Language School Testimonials

I often hear students saying they chose Nagano because of the lush greenery and calm atmosphere when we ask them why they chose Nagano. I think the biggest difference between going to study in Tokyo or here in, Ueda which is more countryside is that if you go to Tokyo there are so many foreigners that people are not surprised to see you and they will not really talk to you and show interest While if you’re here in Ueda or in Nagano Prefecture people will ask you where you’re from and what you’re studying and it’s more like they expect you to be a student, when in Tokyo everybody thinks you’re just a tourist. So because this language course is mixed into a college where Japanese people, but also foreigners, study business and hospitality You meet a lot of people from different countries, but also a lot of Japanese people What I like about this school is that the lessons are very varied We play Karuta (Japanese playing cards) using Kanji, making Kanji by using the radical of Kanji or using separating parts of Kanji and playing bingo of Kanji. Grammar-wise it’s always nice to learn a new grammar and then go out of school and use it the same day Usually class is for studying Japanese but once every 2 months or once a month at the most, there is a class of cultural experience In the class students try, for example, Japanese tea ceremony or making takoyakai and there also is a school trip like visiting a historical town. For the biggest event, I think Gion Festival in summer is the biggest. When it’s April in Nagano Prefecture, we go to hanami (cherry blossom viewing) There is a big park about a 10-minute walk from school and the cherry blossoms there are very beautiful and the students also enjoy it very much. We hike all the mountains around the area. Sometimes we drive an hour to the different mountains One time we did an overnight trip camping in the mountains You can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in winter and there are students who go snowboarding every weekend. As our school is small I think the close relationship between teachers and the students is one of our characteristics. It’s very close, the student to teacher relationship here. So you almost become, I wouldn’t say friends, but you become very close with the teachers and you really get to know them I think that’s a huge advantage… because relationship earns you more in the long run Right now my part-time job is teaching English to children and adults and the president of a company I work for knows one of the teachers here at NBL (Nagano Business Language College) And so he was able to, through his connections, help me find a job at his company and I had all my interviews and everything here at the school. The chance to improve your Japanese here, I think is faster than if you go to just a normal language school where they don’t have those mixed courses. I’d like to welcome you all to Japan And here in Ueda City, Nagano as well you’ll find ISI Nagano Japanese language school so please visit and join us. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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