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today I’ll be talking to you about the job role of a reception. Now to become a receptionist it is required to possess a cherry and chatty personality. All of you would be aware that a receptionist just requires a smiling face for their job as a main criterion. They take responsibility in serving, greeting and directing the visitors who come to their office. They are the ones who are aware of everything that happens in an
organization now the book meetings arranged courtiers screen phone calls
keep the area of the reception tidy sort and distribute the post deal with all
the inquiries that they also provide reports regarding housekeeping and other aspects. The eligibility criteria to become a receptionist could
be a high school diploma they are supposed to possess excellent
communication and verbal skills they are few companies which look out for
qualified professionals and that aspect of bachelor’s degree may be required for
those percent many companies also trained receptionist with people
management skills and communications skills.They need to possess telephone skills, Microsoft office skills, professionalism, customer focus, supply Management handling customer care and
many more when a deep look it’s taken into job
perspective of the receptionist it’s sorely depends on the size of the
concern. When it’s a larger organization the promotion and carrier structure
would be enhanced they have the path to grow to supervisor lead supervisor and
head receptionist If the individual has capability to hone the skills in the right manner, and also possess a very good qualifications they have also many
opportunities to become an office manager the receptionist also have many
chances to move to the other areas of work also. They can get to the field of personnel accounts, sales, and also in to the management sector.
The salary range at the fresher level would be from 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs, where it increases after years. When job openings are looked into all top companies, MNC, management companies, Hotels, private sectors, require a receptionist. In that aspect here are a few private companies that recruit receptionists.
• Q Mac technologies
• Hi Fi technologies
• Accenture
• Nexii IT labs
• Trident hotels
• Agile enterprises
• Calypso
• Abide HR services
• Pharande spaces
• Iris software
• United simulation private ltd
• Madhav Biotech • Shahi exports
• Franfinn institute of airhostess training
• Anand group of hotels
And there is an ample more group of companies that come up with a number of opportunities for receptionists there
are also a number of governmental organizations hospitals and other
concerns which require a receptionist in that aspect few govt organizations
that recruit the receptionist is with the handsome salary are as follows • WBIDC
• Neyveli lignite corporation
• Jammu and Kashmir service selection board • Union public service selection
• Delhi public school • PGIMER
• NIELIT Assam
Receptionists jobs has a bright career path for candidates who desire to take up this category of career. They can gain advantage to meet up a varied people and also have a smile on their face throughout which is a part of their career. They can earn handsome amount and move on with their career without any hassles. Candidates can check out for the various job opportunities that are available for receptionist.We will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us and do not forget
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