Job Search Strategies for students in Liberal Arts

When starting your job search you’ll want to think about coming in to the University Career Center. We have many services that can help you conduct an effective job search. When we coach students on how to job search we try to break it down into simple steps. First we recommend identifying your specific job targets and goals. Your job search will be much more enjoyable if you have done your homework and know what direction you are heading. Next you need to put some time into networking. Making contacts with a wide variety of people will help you find a job since almost 80% of jobs are not actually posted anywhere. It really is about who you know. Also do your research about potential employers so you will know what types of jobs you want and which employers you might want to work with. You need to know what opportunities are available and how your skills fit in with them so you can successfully market yourself. Also be sure to know what application materials are required and know the salary range so you have realistic expectations about working in that industry. Prepare your resumes and cover letters, talk to your references and prepare for your interviews. Be sure to customize your resumes and cover letters to each position you plan to apply for. Finally, just put all these steps together and go for it. Good luck!

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