Karinizhal | Short Film | By Students of Tolins World School | Award Winning

Another murder that shocks Kerala This murder that numbs human conscience has taken place at Tharayan Family, Changal. 3 people have been murdered cruelly Aluva Police Station SP, Diana I.P.S is heading this case. Ma’am, has there been any evidence supporting the case? Are you the first one to know about this? We came running because of the loud noises. But it was too late It is not yet dry Only these 3 people here? No, they have a son. Son? Where is he? He is inside that room. He is the only survivor *Screams in terror* Sir, it Sir, its Diana here. Their eldest son is the only survivor. But, he is not mentally stable. I will ins I will instruct Dr. Tom Pulikoden from our psychiatric department to look into it. He will take care of him. Ma’am Tom Pulikoden is waiting to meet you. Tell him to come! I have all the evidences regarding Chengal Murder Case. Evidence? but we haven’t entrusted you to investigate this case. Don’t interrupt me while I am speaking. I don’t like it! At present I need a help from the department. Not an argument. What kind of help? Sketch the face of the accused which the witness has seen. Can you help? Ask the sketch artist to come to my cabin. Also the boy waiting outside Sit John, right? John, can you recollect the face of the one who did this? I will never forget his face. Approximately what age is the person? He is a young man. Just brief him the image what you have in mind. John, please wait outside. Madam, please sit. How can this be possible? The witness and the accused is the same person! John is a drug addict He has developed delusion due to excessive usage of drugs. The cruel instinct of John has been project here. But his own family? He is not aware that he has done this. As long as the influence of drugs is in his body He himself is not aware of what he is thinking or doing. Bloody drugs is driving his mind! Is John stable now? – Chengal Murder Case : Accused still undercover life is more intoxicating than drugs

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