Key Benefits of a U.S. Higher Education

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARIA LUK: Do you think that
working, or living, or studying in a different country
makes a difference or brings a difference to the way
you view life or you view your career and how it is important
if it is important? Is there anything you learned
from living, or working, or studying in a different country
that you think makes a difference? JENNIFER MA: I think studying
in the US has really help equip me with the skills
of problem solving. Back then when I was in school I
had no idea that I was going to start a company of my own and
I had no idea what kind of problems that I was going to
face on a daily basis. But time changes and thing
change and I’m sure it applies to every field. You can’t really be prepared
for what’s happening in 10 years down the road. So what you could be prepared
for is to equip yourself with people skills, and problem
solving skills, and communication skills which will
help you solve any kind of problem that you face
in the future. JONATHAN CHENG: I still believe
that the US is still a place where the power of ideas
and these things are still valued, and open debate, and all
these sorts of things, and cultivating someone who’s
genuine, someone who does what they want to do. And I think I found that among
a lot of my friends, especially some of my
Chinese-Canadian or Chinese-American friends whose
parents wanted them to do this particular path or that
particular path. And many of them when they got
to college they found they were actually able to be a
little freer and to pursue what it is that they really
wanted to do. So I now have a lot of friends
who are doing something completely different from the
medicine track that they thought they were going to
do when they came in a a freshman, or the law track or
the engineering track that they thought they were
going to be doing. So I’d say that’s definitely
a very good reason. PETER RODDENBECK: I spent all my
life in Rio on the beaches, surfing, lots of beautiful
girls all around. It wasn’t a place you could
really sort of get in touch with yourself. It was very hedonistic
and very superficial. And I found when I got to
college in the US I discovered who I was because I was away
from my family and I was away from my friends. I met all of these people who
are knew so much more than me. I felt so uneducated
compared to them. And I felt like an education
in the US really sort of unleashed who I became rather
than restrained it. And I think the choice of going
overseas is difficult maybe to leave you family and
to go to a place that is culturally different. I left Brazil to go to the US. It’s not as different as Hong
Kong to the US, but it’s still very different. Latino way of life is very
different to the way Americans are. But I sort discovered who I was
and I was so much more in touch with myself through the
kind of education that I was able to get there.

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